A Letter to LeBron James

One of the first issues that we wanted to tackle here at the Lake Erie Soldiers was the seemingly impending doom that is LeBron James leaving Cleveland. I know that it is meaningless, but the following is a letter to LeBron that I want to send to him, and try and convince him that this really is the best place for him.



Please stay your Highness

Dear LeBron,

I first want to start by saying that we completely understand your frustration with all the talk about next summer and where you are going to end up, but it is completely understandable that the entire fan base that worships your amazing performances night in and night out is completely freaked out. If you consider the state of Cleveland right now, with the pitiful Browns and the constantly rebuilding Indians, you and the Cavs are the lone bright spot in this city, especially in the grave economic state it has been in for the last, oh lets so 20 years. Regardless of whether or not you win the championship this year or not, this is not only the best place for you, but it is the place that needs you the most.

If you leave there will be no reason for anyone to go watch the Cavs and the franchise will return to the dismal state it was in before you ascended the ranks into the NBA. Sure, we’ll have a good group of players, but what is a good group of players without their leader? It is pivotal to the team and it’s fans that you stay, for sanity’s sake, we need you in a Cavs jersey. Cleveland needs you, Ohio needs you, and you know how the rest of that goes.

Regardless of what you decide to do, I will support you and still cheer for you. You are the best in the league right now, you will without a doubt, be the best ever, and there would be no logical reason to hate you. But I implore you, do not break everyone’s heart. The great Cleveland fans cannot handle it, the blow would certainly be softened if the Cavs win the NBA Title this year, but why stop at one? The team is built around you so well, and will continue to be built around you. The team is devoted to making you happy and winning with you at the helm. This could be one of the greatest NBA dynasties, and the only place you will get that devotion is Cleveland. If you go to New Jersey or New York, sure, they will love you, but their love is conditional and only runs skin deep. If you have a bad season or don’t win a ring, they will run you out of town as fast as they brought you in, just ask all of those Jets players who the fans have turned on, they even got fed up with Jason Kidd, one of the greatest Point Guards ever, because he wasn’t supplying them with enough glory.

Ultimately, and I hate to sound so depressing and desperate, but the entire city of Cleveland depends on you. The city runs on LeBron, as it has been stated many times before, we are witnesses. Witnesses to the greatest ever. Leaving Cleveland would ruin us, so I plead with you, I beg of you, stay here.



The entirety of Cavalier fans, and Cleveland’s and Ohio’s entire populations, all the men, women and children of this state. We love you.


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