Don’t Call It a Comeback!

For those of you stumbling upon this blog, it might not be for you. Lets just get that out of the way to begin with. We are Zach and Dustin Kelly, a pair of brothers originally from the great State of Ohio, who have long since moved around the world and ended up in Virginia and West Virginia. We are DIEHARD Cleveland Sports fans, and wish to follow in the footsteps of other great Cleveland area bloggers like the guys over at and get our voices out there in the world of Cleveland sports. We will chime in on the different happenings that involve all of the Cleveland sports teams, the beloved Tribe, the Lebron’s and the Browns, as well as other pieces about the Buckeyes and all of their greatness and other topics in sports that strike us as interesting. A heads up though, not every post will be serious, and not every one will be funny, but we will do our best to write a good story.

So now that the ever-so-awkward opening is out of the way, enjoy our rants, comment and get in touch. Tell all your friends, if you want to submit a Cleveland story, let us know.

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2 Responses to Don’t Call It a Comeback!

  1. Jacob Rosen says:

    Welcome to the scene y’all. I look forward to reading the blog.

    • Thanks! I godda say, me and my brother are really excited about it and never really into it until we found the WFNY blog and all the others you guys have on your page. Glad to join the Cleveland Sports Blog community

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