Week 11 Picks

Now that my brother and I have somewhere to do this, we figured why not do a picks column. So here we go,


Miami @ Carolina.

Dustin: Carolina. Delhomme has been better, Deangello Williams has been awesome. And Miami is without Ronnie Brown.
Zach: I agree with Dustin on this one. Carolina is slowly figuring things out and re-discovering themselves, Miami just hasn’t looked very good all year.


Washington @ Dallas

Dustin: Dallas. At home against an awful ‘Skins team, coming off of an embarrassing loss, they will be fired up.
Zach: Goin’ with the Skins. Their defense looked very impressive last Sunday and the running game has found some rythm, even with out Clinton Portis.

Cleveland @ Detroit

D: Cleveland. Because if I don’t, who will?
Z: Detroit. Realistically even they are better then us… 😦

San Francisco @ Green Bay

D: Green Bay. San Fran just won’t be able to pull out the win at Lambeau, it’ll be close though.
Z: Green Bay because of the way they handled Dallas and I”m thinking that they are turning things around and getting it going. If Aaron Rogers stays upright they will win.

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City

D: Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, but it is the Chiefs.
Z: Begrudgingly I’ll say the Steelers. The Chiefs aren’t quite Browns bad, but they are down there.

Seattle @ Minnesota

D: Minnesota. Favre and AP are just going to be too much for Seattle to handle.
Z: Minnesota, AP against a pretty weak run defense is a good matchup any week.

Atlanta @ NYG

D: Atlanta. NYG is playing really poorly and the off week won’t be enough to get them back to winning ways.
Z: NYG. They will turn it around this week against the struggling and beaten up Atlanta team who might play without Michael Turner

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

D: New Orleans. Even though Tampa did beat GB, they are still nowhere near ready for New Orleans.
Z: New Orleans. They won’t lose to a team like Tampa.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville

D: Jacksonville. MOJO is just TOO good.
Z: Jacksonville. Buffalo is in a bad way, the team won’t be any more inspired with the new coach. I think this is the week T.O. turns on everyone.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

D: Indianapolis. Indy is just going to outplay the Ravens
Z: Indy. Sure the Ravens dominated the Browns, but who hasn’t. The Colts seem un-beatable after last week.

Arizona @ St. Louis

D: Arizona. STL is just awful.
Z: Arizona. Beanie Wells is looking good and the Rams just can’t defend the passing game.

San Diego @ Denver

D: San Diego. Denver is going in the wrong direction and San Diego is turning it around.
Z: San Diego. Not much variety on the picks going on, but Denver has looked really bad lately and San Diego is coming off of another good performance.

Cincinnati @ Oakland

D: Cinci. Oakland is starting Gradkowski. Not even that minor improvement will help them.
Z: The Bungles. It hurts when you think about it that when the Browns suck they just suck. At least when the Bengals sucked they led the league in arrests and court cases.

NYJ @ New England

D: New England. After the tough loss on the 4th & 2 play, think Belichick is going to run up the score, with a lot of 4th down passing plays.
Z: New England. Not only are they coming off a HUGE loss to the Colts but they are trying to come back from that loss to the Jets early on in the season.

Philadelphia @ Chicago

D: Philly. It’ll be close because of the concussions that Westbrook has suffered, but they are still better than the Bears.
Z: Da Bears. Cutler usually doesn’t have several bad games in a row, so look for him and the Bears to bounce back against a Eagles team that can’t seem to put anything together.


Tennessee @ Houston

D: Tennessee. Chris Johnson is just unstoppable.
Z: Houston. Even with the break-out play of late, Chris Johnson and Vince Young will have their winning streak ended. Even with the Defense playing better, Houston has the ability to outscore them with their epic passing attack.

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