Would LeBron Help the Browns? Cavs-Wiz Preview

I saw this morning on WFNY that Brady Quinn and Eric Mangini were saying they would welcome LeBron James to the Cleveland Browns.

This got me thinking. Obviously LeBron isn’t going to the Browns, because if it’s a struggle to get him to stay on the best Cleveland team what are the chances he would ever play for the Browns?  Also, why would he give up basketball? That’d just be an awful decision. BUT, lets play the ‘Could LeBron Help The Browns Game’!

So, LeBron to the Brownies. If he ever did decide to jump sports, he would no doubt be one of the most physically gifted players in the NFL, and could probably be a second or third string WR or TE for most teams in the league. For the Browns? Maybe start. I can’t tell if Quinn and the Man-genius are kidding or not, but I have to agree with the actual best player on the Browns, Shaun Rogers, and say he would not be a great NFL player. For two reasons. 1. The most football this guy has played since high school was for the AllState commerical. and 2. He was a great player in high school, that doesn’t mean he’d be any good in the pros. Even with that said, I would still welcome his help on our atrocious Browns team. I’ll take Shaq at QB too, he did pretty well against Big Ben on ‘Shaq VS’, granted (and I am not just saying this because I hate the Steelers) Ben is an AVERAGE QB. But hey slightly below average is still an improvement over what we’ve got. But before this turns into a Browns column lets get to the sport that LeBron and Shaq actually play. Basketball.

Before I start the preview one more thing to get sidetracked on, since I do not live in the Cleveland area, I can’t watch all the Cavs games so i will only be doing previews and reviews for nationally televised games, since those are the only games I get to see. So lets begin, the Cavs are on a tear right now winning 5 in a row, and tonight we head on into the nations capitol to take on the 2-7 Wizards. We are looking banged up as Shaq and Varejao are not going to play, Jamario Moon is likely out aswell,  So we will likely see J.J Hickson and Big Z start and see some more minutes for Jackson. After Hicksons HUGE performance last night (21 points, 9 rebounds) I am looking forward to seeing him play tonight. I do however doubt that a repeat performance is going to happen tonight in DC for J.J since he will most likely be matched up against the returning Antawn Jamison. The Cavs are really going to need to play good defense against Arenas, and need to make sure not to give up open 3’s to Miller (who is shooting almost 60% from 3 this year) another big key for the Cavs is to keep the Wiz off of the line tonight, particularly Miller, Foye, Blatche, and Butler, who are all shooting close to or over 80% from the line. The X-factors for the two teams are Mike Miller for the Wizards and J.J Hickson for the Cavs. If I had to guess the outcome of  the game tonight, I would say Cavs, but the Wizards keep it close.

Cavs 100 – 96, over the Wizards.

Let’s Go Cavs!

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