Fighter Spotlight: Forrest Griffin

One of the toughest fighters in the UFC today, Forrest Griffin, fights this coming Saturday night (Nov. 21st) in the main event of UFC 106 against Tito Ortiz. Griffin is one of the elite light heavyweights in the MMA world and is a former light heavyweight champ. He recently lost to the unstoppable Anderson Silva and is looking to make his way back up the UFC ladder and regain the title. The first stop on that path is the main event fight with one of the most despised men, at least by UFC President Dana White, in the business who is returning from injuries and contract issues that have kept him out of action for over a year.

I have chosen Griffin to be the first Fight Spotlight for several reasons, he is one of the best in the biz and he hails from Columbus, Ohio. Everyone who is into the MMA and UFC from Ohio should get behind him and watch this fight. Looking at his career based purely off of his impressive 16-6 record, it is easy to see that he is not a fighter that will just roll over, but when you look deeper and watch the fights you see one of the best conditioned and well rounded fighters in the light heavyweight division. As you can tell by that picture he is in amazing shape, the model behind him seems to be enjoying her view, and he will no doubt show up Saturday night in great shape, looking to get himself back on the winning end of things.

He has shown in all of his fights that he has no quit, a lot of heart and a great array of abilities in several different fighting styles. He has trained in Muy Thai, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and can bring it with the best of them in all those styles. His punches, knees and elbows pack a lot of power, but this is not what he basis his fights on. He usually game plans to wear down his opponent with his wide array of skills and control the tempo of the fight. He likes to get his opponent down and try and submit them, but he is not against pounding the crap out of anyone either. In his last fight he looked really outmatched against Anderson Silva, but then again everyone looks outmatched against Silva. That experience, along with his loss to Rashad “Sugar” Evans has no doubt taught him to game plan even more carefully and will likely be able to exploit the weaknesses in Ortiz’s skill sets. Ortiz is primarily a wrestler who likes to ground and pound, and with Griffin’s superior speed and atheletecism he should  be able to counter Ortiz’s take down attempts and get the fight going in his favor. Barring a huge surprise Griffin should win this fight and start earning his way up to challenge for the belt.  I emplore you, check out his fights on youtube, especially his win over Rampage Jackson for the title, this fight can also be found in several places online.

From everything I’ve read and watched heading into Saturday’s fight, Griffin looks to be in amazing shape and is incredibly motivated to redeem himself. Not only after the embarrassing loss to Silva but he lost in his prior fight with Ortiz a few years ago. Everyone tune in to watch Forrest Griffin take on Tito Ortiz on Saturday.

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