BROWNS WIN!! oh wait never mind…

I just can’t comprehend what just happened. I’ll have to leave that to people who are smarter and more willing then I am. Wow. I understand that you get a Timeout for an injury, but that is only if he leaves the goddamn game!!! wtf!! Roger Goodell has got to do something about that. The pass interference call wasn’t good, but I really can see how it could have been seen that way. Just our luck too.

A team with no confidence can’t handle a loss like this, we should have won this football game and this is the first time I have honestly thought that in a long, long time. Quinn was out of his mind today, played and managed a great game. We had some semblance of a running game, and the offense flowed. Of course, when that happens for the first time all year our defense is flat and horrible. We got a few interceptions, but what is it worth when they can’t come up with one stop! one stop is all we needed… ONE! The pain, it hurts so deep. After Brodney Pools big pick I thought we had gotten what we needed but the offense stalled out and we coudln’t get into field goal range. We let them go from their own 14 to score as time expired… It was an amazing game, better then I could have expected, but you can’t see botched refereeing like that coming in that situation, in that place and time you have to get the call right. Bull Shit.

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One Response to BROWNS WIN!! oh wait never mind…

  1. Jeff says:

    I cried, quite seriously, I cried when that happened.

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