Food For Thought

After that “game” I am not so sure about what to think about the Browns. I love them. I do. Unconditionally. But there is so much wrong with the team and the organization. The RAIDERS beat the Bengals today and the Chiefs beat the Steelers. We could not even beat a Lions team that had lost 32 of its last 34 games. It is one of the crushing defeats that will send a struggling franchise even further down the drain and perpetuate the struggles even more. Even despite a great game from our QB with 300+ yards and 4 td’s, we couldn’t pull it out. Bad defense and a bad call by the refs, and a bad call by the coach using a timeout to try and ‘read’ their offense, and here we are 1-9. I would say at least we have a chance for the #1 Draft Pick, but that is not an exciting prospect for any Cleveland team other then the Cavs. They are the only ones to use a #1 draft choice well in the last 10 years on LeBron. Very few Browns draft picks turn out to be good players, and given our bad history #1 I really don’t want that pick. It will be Tim Couch all over again. That is unless we bring someone in who can actually judge talent fairly well and knows how to groom that talent. This is why Mangini needs to be fired. His coaching staff and everyone associated with him should be let go. Some of the players can stay, but for the most part a lot of the ‘Mangini Guys’ should find jobs elsewhere.

The Browns, sans-Mangini, would be a very promising prospect, because it would allow us to go after someone who could do both GM and Manage and has done it successfully before, no more first time coaches or first time GM’s who used to be talent evaluators for big time franchises, because it was probably not them making the call on who to sign or draft. Mike Homlgren, Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, and several other experienced guys are available to be had, and this is a decision Randy Lerner has to already be thinking about. We need a guy who knows how to inspire players, draft well, and bring in big time free agents. One of my gripe with the Browns over the last few seasons has been that they are too willing to go out and bring in free agents, most of who end up being over  the hill, not fitting in, not being good, and not being healthy. Remember LaCharles Bentley? We brought him in during the ‘hometown’ guys kick we were on about 5 years ago, and he was a pro-bowl center who we payed tons of money. He played how many games with us? A handful at best after being rated the top guy in the free agent class of 2006.

So it goes for our franchise, since the Browns came back, it has been heartbreak after hearbreak, crippling injuries, bad draft picks, bad free agent signings, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr, Tim Couch, Mangini let our best defender and heart of the team Andra’ Davis walk away this off season without even considering to resign him. We need a guy who won’t necessarily make no mistakes, just less mistakes. Every coach we’ve had since ’99 has been a wash out, over rated, inexperienced and over hyped. The last 2 have been Belicheck understudies, who have been notoriously not good throughout the NFL. Just look at the track records of guys like Holmgren and Cowher and get excited that one of them might be running this team sometime in the near future. I hope. Holmgren has been one of the best in the last 10+ years at developing young quarterbacks, and Brady Quinn showed today what he could be able to do every week given more then 2 seconds to throw the ball and make reads, and is an offensive mastermind.

Getting into today’s game a bit more, I will never understand the reasoning Man-dumbass-gini had for benching David Veikune, Jerome Harrison and Brian Robiskie. Harrison would have had a big day against this soft defense on the turf where his speed would have been increased. Veikune was great last week against Baltimore and how can he build off of that performance from his ass on the bench? As for Robiskie, I know he is struggling, but benching a young wideout is not what you need to do. Get him in there and get him reps so he can learn how to be a NFL receiver. Cowher has roots in Cleveland and man, can that guy build a team. He knows how to draft guys and build a team that way, and he gets the most out of the players he has.

I, like most Browns fans, am at the end of my rope hear. I don’t get the way this team is being run and I am really struggling to cope with today’s loss. When I saw that last play I almost put a hole through my computer screen, among other things. I do have to say though, the offense was very promising, and I dont’ know if that is because Brian Daboll learned how to call a game, or if the players just played well in spite of the coaching. The defense for pretty much the first time all year looked as bad as the numbers suggest they are. Usually they come up with a few stops a game, and one would have been great late in the 4th. The interceptions by Eric Wright and Brodney Pool were great, Pool’s was a good play and very timely, but we couldn’t do anything on offense after that and gave them the ball back with way too much time left on the clock. Chris Jennings looked pretty good on the touches he got, but it was torture to watch Jamal Lewis, even though, by his standards this season he had a good game.

So basically what this day has left me with is a depressed frame of mind, and I am gonna sit on my couch and watch The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad to try and kill enough brain cells to forget today’s game.

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