Sunday Morning Thoughts

This morning I’ve decided I just ought to throw out some random thoughts about our beloved Cleveland teams, and some on the overall world of sports.

First things first. Gotta give it up to the Ohio State defense! 4 picks and a fumble recovered in the end zone. Also, thank you Tate Forcier. The Buckeye running game was in full effect with some very nice performances from Boom Herron, Brandon (In)Saine, and Terrelle Pryor. And it was a helluva game, and it was great to be in Ohio for it, first time in my life I’ve got to be around some Buckeyes for The Game.

Secondly, while I do have a lot of respect for a very good and very underrated Rep. of Ireland national team, and I want to see them win whenever they play. I would like to say, yes Henrys handball should have been called, but the ref didn’t call it. Everyone loses under bad pretenses sometimes, stop asking for a rematch. And no, I will not say Henry is a cheater, and this does not change that he has and will continue to be one of my favorite soccer players ever. And for everyone who is now turning against Henry and saying he’s a cheat, tell me you would have done something differently in that situation. And from what I can tell from watching it 1350 times on ESPN since it happened, it seemed more like a natural reaction to the ball getting passed him than it was him sticking his hand out and pulling a Maradona.* And I’ve always said that if the ref doesn’t see it, and doesn’t make the call, then it’s a no call, and you have to live with it. But it does give a lot of pro instant replay people ammunition for their case, I actually think that instant replay in baseball is a good idea not really much you can do with it in a fast moving game like soccer, but that is a tangent for another blog.

Thirdly, as good as Tim Lincecum is, and as much as I like him. He was NOT the Cy Young. For my money, it was Wainwright.

Fourthly, The Browns-Lions game is going to be SO BAD, that I am actually glad I am going to be in the car all day, so that there is NO chance I will have to see any of it. I feel ashamed to admit that as a Browns fan but I don’t know that I can stomach another disaster the likes of Monday night against the Ravens. Because the players look like they don’t care (save Cribbs and a few players on the defense), they look apathetic and seem like they don’t have any respect for the coach, granted they have no reason to, but he is their boss. So can they at least pretend to make it look like they haven’t quit on him? And I am not sure I can hold out til the end of the season, let alone further into the future with Mangini running the team.

Fifthly, I was very saddened to hear the news about Chris Spielmans wife, Stefanie. After 12 years of battling cancer and raising money and awareness about breast cancer, it is truly sad to hear of her death.

*Diego Maradona is a former player and current coach of the Argentina National Team, and in the 1986 World Cup feigned a header and punched the ball over the goalkeeper to score a deciding goal in Argentinas 2-1 win over England in the Semi-Final game.

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