The Week Ahead

After a real bad loss on Sunday, we as Cleveland fans need something to look forward to, so with that in mind lets look at what is coming up in the week ahead.

The Cavs have got 3 games this week, @ Detroit on Wednesday, @ Charlotte on Friday, and at the Q against Dallas, on Saturday. That means there could be 1-2 good, fun Cavs games this week. On the road against Detroit will be interesting and Dallas at home ought to be a decent test for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Brownies will play Sunday at 1:00pm eastern against the Cincinnati Bengals. This will be the second leg of the Battle of Ohio this year, the Bengals took the first one under some questionable circumstances (the “winning” FG, that was obviously well wide) 23-20 in Cleveland, so BQ and the boys need to travel down to Cinci to try to avoid being the third and final AFC North team to get swept by the Bengals. The Browns shouldn’t be feeling optimistic about this game, despite the Bengals, going back to Bungle form last week as they lost by giving up 10 points in the last couple minutes to BRUCE GRADKOWSKI and the OAKLAND RAIDERS. really? yes really. I have no idea how they melted down to lose to the Raiders.

Quick sidenote. good work by the Chiefs to beat the Steelers.

And finally what will be going on with the beloved Indians this week? Just the usual inactivity in the FA market, and maybe a week that will see a Cleveland Hero join the ChiSox, as rumors swirl of Omar Vizquel being close to a deal with the Chicago Whitesox.

And one last thought, I am by no means a NASCAR fan, but I am willing to give it up for Jimmie Johnson for winning 4 straight NASCAR championships. Thats impressive no matter what you do, to win something 4 times in a row is phenomenal.

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