Omar Vizquel is back… In the AL Central

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Omar Vizquel has agreed to a contract with the Chicago White Sox. The contract will be for 1 year, and apparently $1,375,000 dollars for the 42 year old Venezuelan glove wizard to help teach the White Sox young infielders how to field ground balls. Vizquel will now be playing for Ozzie Guillen, who was a SS for most of the same time for the White Sox that Vizquel was with the Tribe, it seems the former rivals will be teaming up to turn around the White Sox lackluster infield defense. So much for the thoughts of him returning to the Tribe for one last season, at least we will see him in Jacobs Progressive Field again a few times this year. Hopefully the people who show up for those games give him a hero’s welcome rather then the chorus of boos that other former Tribe players have been receiving the past few years.


In other AL Central news, congratulations to Joe Mauer, the American League MVP for the 2009 season. The young catcher was amazing this year, despite missing the first month, really did put up MVP numbers again. This is a deserved award. On the other hand, this was the first time in the last that this past week did not bring the news of an Indians pitcher winning the Cy Young Award.



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