The Blind Side

I went to see that Blind Side last night, and let me tell you. It was one of the best movies of 2009. It was touching, and very well made. The one thing I know more about and care more about than sports is movies, so sports movies are a real passion of mine. This movie had a few great performances from Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron. All of whom did a fantastic job in their roles.

The movie was well written, well directed and even had some fantastic football scenes. It was less about football than I had expected, but that was actually a good thing. The fact that it was more focuesed on Michael Ohers life in high school and his working hard to get the grades to earn his scholarship and less on the football aspect was fantastic, and really gave the film a more heartfelt touch. This is just about all I am going to say about this movie since I don’t want to give anything away.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. GO SEE IT. It’s good for the family, and it’s good for sports fans, and it’s good for anyone who has a heart. So that covers just about everyone.

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