Week 12 Picks

Here are our picks for this week’s NFL action.


Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

Dustin: GB, even though Detroit won last week, they can’t beat the Pack.
Zach: Packers, they are coming off of a few wins in a row and the Lions won’t stand much chance against a team that is not from Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders

Dustin: Dallas, the ‘Boys on Thanksgiving? Ofcourse they are gonna win. Plus Oakland isn’t good enough to win 2 in a row.
Zach: Dallas. The Raiders can’t pull off 2 wins in a row.

Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants

Dustin: Giants. The Broncos look SO BAD that I think they could lose out.
Zach: Giants. I see them carrying off of their emotional overtime win over Atlanta last Sunday and going into Denver and beating up a struggling team.


Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins

D: ‘Phins. If Ricky and Henne have big games it’ll be a blowout, but all they need is to not turn it over every possession to beat the Bills.
Z: Dolphins, we thought that not having Ronnie Brown and the wildcat would hurt them, but this gives Chad Henne a chance to show what he can do all the time and lets Ricky Williams run wild, as he did last week.

St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

D: Seahawks. Just because the Rams are awful.
Z: Seahwaks will take this NFC West battle, the Rams just have nothing going for them, not that the Seahawks do either, but they have quite a bit more talent.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins

D: Eagles. After last week the Redskins will be so downtrodden. I think its a shutout for Philly.
Z: The Eagles will prevail. I think that last weeks snore fest against Dallas was the icing on the cake for Washington and marked the end of their season. Jim Zorn has a tall, tall  task ahead of him if this team is going to compete this week.

Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

D: ATL. Playing against this awful Bucs team, Matt Ryan should be able to get better and start to play like last years Matt Ryan.
Z: The Falcons, looking to right their ship, will come up against a bad Bucs team at the right time and get a victory. The Falcons need this, and even though Rookie Coach Raheem Morris has taken over play-calling and demoted his Offensive Coordinator this team will still be a easy win.

Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts

D: Colts. You can’t pick against the Colts. EVER.
Z: Colts. In decisive fashion. Peyton won’t thrown any more interceptions and the Colts will move to 11-0.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

D: Browns. Yes. That is correct. I am picking the upset.
Z: Bengals. Our offense looked good last week but our defense was crap. This week we play a team that is good on both sides of the ball. We have no chance, and I will pick against us because I did last week and we scored 37 points. Maybe this works.

NY Jets vs Carolina Panthers

D: Panthers. No doubt. DeAngelo Williams is going to run all over the Jets.
Z: This is a true toss up, both teams have been up and down all year. I pick the Jets to turn things around a bit this week and get a victory.

San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs

D: San Diego. They are too good, and the Chiefs win last week won’t help them against a team on a roll like the Chargers.
Z: Chargers, despite the Chiefs starting to look like a football team and coming off that upset of the Steelers, the Chargers have everything going for them right now and look to run away with the division.

San Francisco 49ers vs Jacksonville Jaguars

D:  Jags. All on MOJO, he’s the man.
Z: Another tough call. 49ers are looking pretty solid right now and the Jags have been much improved. I’m calling this my overtime game of the week, 49ers edge one out in OT with a FG.

Tennessee Titans vs Arizona Cardinals

D: If Leinart starts then its the Titans, if Warner plays he gets the W.
Z: Titans. You can’t pick against Vince Young right now, him and Chris Johnson have been great and the Cardinals might be starting Matt Leinart. Look for Beanie Wells to have a big day, but the Titans will have a bigger one from Johnson and win the game.

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears

D: Vikings. Another team you just can’t pick against. Because Favre is playing so well.
Z: Vikings. Bears quite simply do not stand a chance.

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

D: Ravens. Their Defense against a Steelers team that was devastated by the loss last week, plus a concussed Big Ben. I’m thinking 3 picks for Big Ben.
Z: Steelers. Will rebound from last week’s embarrassment and get a W in the battle for 2nd place. I will be forced to watch this game because of its Sunday night time slot, how sad.


New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots

D: The Saints. They are too good, even for the Pats.
Z: The most interesting game of the week. I am going with the Saints. My other team, since my fiance’s family is from Louisiana, will come out on top in a hard fought game down to the last play and beat Tom Brady and the Pats.

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