Mangini Must Go!

After watching yet another horrible performance by our beloved Cleveland Browns, I have concluded that enough is enough. I knew it would be tough, as it would for any team, to come off of a loss like last week, but any other NFL team would at least look like they wanted to play the next Sunday. Mangini couldn’t even figure out a way to get the team to look past last week’s game and they played pretty poorly once again. There were several bright spots this week, but that is not for Mangini to build off of, they can use it with whoever is coaching this team next year. Mangini, so long. If my opinion counted for anything he would be fired now, see how the team responds the rest of the season and then make a change in February to a new coach. Fire that guy who is the offensive coordinator too. He’s dumb. Jerome Harrison and Chris Jennings combined for 4 carries. 4! HOLY SHIT! Jamal Lewis got 11, for 40 yards, to his credit he keeps going, but we can never win if we only carry the ball like, 15 times a game with the running backs. I just can’t even fathom what is going through their minds when they call plays. The conversation betweed Daboll and Mangini must go like this…

Mangini – “K Brian. What should we do?”

Daboll – “Lets try that thing where guys fun forward and the one who has the ball throws it!”

Mangini – “What’s that called?”

Daboll – “I think its a forward pass, maybe? Don’t hold me to that. But it is 1st and 10, so maybe we should run.”

Mangini – “Ok, maybe Jamal Lewis, the guy who badmouths me every week should carry the ball as punishment.”

Daboll – “Or a reward for being the slowest guy on the team! We should have him run it right at the center’s butt 4 straight times and catch the other team off guard.”

Jamal Lewis stutters one up the middle for 1 yard three straight plays, 4th and 7.

Daboll – “Oh crap! It’s like they knew what we were gonna do. Did you tell them?”

Mangini – “NO! They are spying on us and pretending to be injured! Damn it! Every time! Lets give them the ball and let Ryan worry about it.”

Daboll – “I hope we don’t get to be on offense again. It is scary.”


And so that’s is what a offensive game plan looks like for the Browns. Sure, Quinn did end up throwing 34 times for 15 completions and 100 yards. No interceptions is always a positive, but even though he didn’t turn it over and the o-line gave up just 1 sack, the passing game did not look very good. Not as bad as the running game, but when you give you somewhat promising young RB’s only 2 carries a piece and your playmaker Josh Cribbs 1 carry, it seems somewhat pointless to even try.

What we can take away from this game that is positive, is a fairly turnover-less effort from the offense. We didn’t turn it over. Holy cow. Wow. So maybe we can build on that, even though we only scored 1 touchdown. Defensively the team looked pretty solid, unlike last week. No big plays. They held Carson Palmer to 96 net passing yards. Sacked him 3 times, pretty impressive. Did force a fumble but didn’t recover it. The run defense was kind of worrysom. Larry Johnson was doing his best Cedric Benson impression and ran effectively. 210 net rushing yards was not very good for us to give up, considering we only rushed for like, 10 yards. But whatever. It isn’t like we expected to win, or even compete, which we did kind of… which was a pleasant surprise.

Not much else to say about the game. But as I decided at the end of the game and so bluntly stated. Mangini has got to go. This team can obviously not improve with him as the coach. Every time we move forward, last week was a step forward if you believe it or not, we regress the next week. The Bengals are better then us, but they are not nearly the dominant team we made them look like today. Daboll can’t call any good plays, the offense has no flow, last week was an anomaly. If Randy Lerner is serious about making this team a competitor then he needs to fire Mangini, get a person in here who is a serious, credible leader, and re-start again. It might be a momentary setback, but it can’t get any worse. As for now, if you want to see the Browns in the Super Bowl, I suggest you take them there yourselves and go use the toilet.

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