Sunday Morning Thoughts… more than 24 hours later

Sorry this is late, but with traveling around for Thanksgiving I didn’t have the time to post this until now.

First. Can the Browns please win one more game this year? Please. I would sell my soul for a 2 win season right about now. On the one hand I always want to see the Browns win, on the other, if the Browns go 1-15, Mangini would likely not return as head coach. So I am torn. I want Mangini gone but I want to experience what winning feels like for an NFL team.

Second. It might be a little (or a lot) too early to say this, but I think the Cavs are a little worse with Shaq, that could correct itself as the season progresses but I honestly think the team was better without him. The only game he was actually effective in my opinion was against the Magic, which is the whole reason we brought him in, but that is only a few games a year, does improvement against one team justify being a little worse than before and paying 20 mil? I don’t think so.

Third.  How does Mike Brown not play Z at home when he is about to set a franchise record that he thoroughly deserves? I was really upset about that.

Fourth. I am still waiting for the Indians to do something. Anything.

And finally. I am still not sure exactly what Serena Williams did to deserve a fine of $82,500… That seems harsh for almost any offense any athlete commits, short of cheating, fixing, or over-the-top violence towards fans/players/officials etc.

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