Week 13 Picks


NY Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Dustin: Jets. The Sanchize might not be great but he is better than what Buffalo has got. Expect a shitshow from these two, but the Jets pull it out.
Zach: Bills. The TO Show has been in full force this week. Fred Jackson will tear it up again and Marshawn Lynch might get a few good touches in too.


St. Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears

D: Da Bears. Another shitshow of a game. But even with Cutler at QB the Bears have a minor advantage.
Z: Rams. Rams… Rams… Rams… Yes I am crazy, but I think that even they can beat the Bears.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers

D: Panthers. Three awful games so far. The Bucs are just too bad to win on the road against the Panthers.
Z: Panthers. They are so up and down this year, and as long as Delhomme doesn’t throw 5 picks they can win.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

D: Jags. It’s all MOJO.
Z: Texans, the Jags prove week in and week out that they pretty much suck.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

D: The Broncos. They have been looking better again. Atleast, better than the Chiefs.
Z: Chiefs. I like the Chiefs, Jamal Charles has been really good since they got rid of Larry Johnson and Matt Cassell is stellar. They will win a close one.

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

D: Colts. They don’t lose. Ever.
Z: Titans. This will be the Colts one loss this year, it is my Bold Prediction of the day. Chris Johnson and Vince Young are too hot to handle right now.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons

D: Eagles. With Turner and Ryan both possibly out they have no chance.
Z: Eagles. Falcons have not looked good lately, and I think that it will show this week.

New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins

D: Saints. The ‘Skins are terrible and the Saints are awesome.
Z: Saints. They DESTROYED Brady and the Pats. No way they lose to the Redskins.

Oakland Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers

D: Steelers. Oakland isn’t gonna beat TWO AFC north teams this year… wait don’t we play them in a few weeks? Shit.
Z: Steelers. They won’t be embarrassed by another AFC West team.

Detroit Lions @ Cincinnati  Bengals

D: Bengals. Lions are only good enough to beat Cleveland and Washington. They are barely even teams.Sigh.
Z: Lions! hahaha, no. Seriously, Bengals win in easy fashion.

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

D: Pats. I don’t think the ‘Phins can capitalize on the Pats recent losses.
Z: Patriots… They have to bounce back after the MNF loss to the Saints, I kind of feel sorry for the Dolphins to be the next team they play.

San Diego Chargers @ Cleveland Browns

D: Browns. What can I say? I am an optimist.
Z: Chargers. My brother is an idiot. Hell would have to freeze over for the Browns to win.

Dallas Cowboys @ NY Giants

D: Cowboys. They have looked better than the Giants recently.
Z: Cowboys. They will seal the deal on the NFC East with this win.

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

D: Niners. They have look okay recently. And the Seahawks are BAD.
Z: 49ers, Not much I could possibly use as justification for the Seahawks to win.

Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals

D: Vikings. It’ll be a blowout if Warner is out, but it might be closer if he can play
Z: Vikings. It is not like they are one of the top 3 teams in football or anything crazy like that


Baltimore Ravens @ Green Bay Packers

D:Green Bay. Flacco has looked awkward recently and Rogers is gonna be confident after last weeks win. Plus the Pack has the number 1 defense now.
Z: Packers are looking hungry to get to the playoffs. If they keep Rogers upright, my fantasy starter will earn me some points and the Pack will win.

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