World Cup Group Draw

Group A

South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
France got very lucky with this draw, unfortunately South Africa is going out in the Group Stages.


Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece
1 spot is guaranteed to Argentina but it will be a fight for the second spot in the Round of 16.

Group C

England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia.
I gotta say I love this draw for the US. We have a good shot at the Round of 16 in 2010.

Group D

Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana
Germany is through, Ghana and Australia will duke it out for a spot in the next round.

Group E

Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon
This group is good all around should be the second most interesting.

Group F

Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia
Italy and Paraguay will go through, no doubt.

Group G

Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal
The group of death. North Korea is going 0-3-0 this time around.


Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile
This is the one group where a clearly inferior team will get into the Round of 16 because 3 of the teams are pretty bad.

I have a few favorites for this coming World Cup and a few teams I am rooting for and against.
Favorites for the Finals: Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Spain
Teams I am rooting for: Germany, USA, England, and the Netherlands
Teams I am rooting against: Ivory Coast, Portugal, Argentina, Italy and Mexico.
And I’d just like to say, I am so excited for next Summer. When we get closer to the World Cup we will get into some predictions for group winners and everything else.

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