What I Would Like to See on Sunday…

I’ve been thinking, as I do every week, about all the things I would like to see the Browns do in their game. Win is obviously a big one, but since we know that is not going to happen, I’ve been considering several other things. Here they are…

– Compete for all 4 Quarters. It seems like most weeks we come out and are in the game for maybe 2 of the quarters, but it would be nice, if we can’t win a game, to at least give San Diego NFL level competition the whole game.

– Offensive flow. I don’t understand why they cannot harness the offensive production like they did against the Lions. I know we are overmatched nearly every week, but we should be able to at least score a couple of touchdowns. Maybe if we establish the run with Jerome Harrison and Chris Jennings early on in the game we can get the Chargers looking to stop the run and come up with some big passing plays. In the NFL you need to have one to have the other, but if you don’t have both you have no chance.

– Robiskie on the field. Brian Robiskie has the makings of a good wideout, but he is young and inexperienced. Mangini refuses to give him experience however, and has him inactive most weeks. He can’t get better if he doesn’t play.

– Take some risks. Our offense is generally too safe. Quinn is way to quick to look for the checkdown, alot of times because he has to if he is going to not get sacked, but if he can air a few out to Massaqoui or Stuckey then it will open up the shorter routes and the run game.

– Defensive stops. We make them all game long until it matters. Or we just don’t make them at all. I know you can’t always stop the other team, especially a dynamic offense like San Diego, but it would be nice to see the Brown’s defense play consistently over 4 quarters of a game.

– Takeaways. The Browns almost never take the ball away from the other team. We need to force some mistakes from Philip Rivers, get an interception or two, or even a fumble, if we even have a hope of competing. I could probably count the number of interceptions the Browns have gotten this year on one hand.

– The Cribb’s Show. I wanna see Cribbs to do something electrifying. Maybe take the opening kick off 100 yards for a score. Or take the ball on a reverse and jump over defenders and get into the endzone. Whatever it is, if he can make a big play it could spark the team a little. Plus, its just fun as hell to watch him work with the ball. Maybe give him a few snaps out of a regular formation at QB, and see what he can make of it. The “Flash” package hasn’t done anything really this year. So lets be creative.

Oh how nice a win would be. But lets stay realistic. I would love to see the Browns go out and play hard football, make stops on D and put up a few points. It is not impossible. Hopefully this Sunday is slightly less depressing then the usual Sunday.

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