Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’ve got five things to give some reactions to this week, just like every other week. Let’s get started.

1. The Browns. The games not over, it’ll most likely be a loss I don’t see us coming back with 2 scores. But I was impressed by the effort. Quinn started out great, cooled off a little, but ended up evening out (so far). Good 3 pronged running attack with Cribbs, Harrison, and Jennings. Congrats to B-Ro, Brian Robiskie for his first 50 yard game in the NFL, baby steps, but its good to see. Moore (our recently signed TE) has impressed me thus far. I was looking forward to watching this game because at the very least it would be interesting to see if LT could surpass the Great Jim Brown, in Cleveland (which he did, unless he rushed for negative yards to finish the game).

2. The Cavs, have looked decent, glad to see Big Z set that record he thoroughly deserves it. He is one of my favorite players, certainly my favorite Center in the game (I love Shaq, and if you count Duncan as a C then those are the top 3) and Dwight Howard would be in there if he could do anything other than dunk and block. When he has any finesse or can hit FT’s then he will be an elite center in my eyes, until then he is just a GOOD center.

3. Kimbo Slice convinced me Friday night that he was more than a brawler with an impressive ground game. I now take him seriously as a UFC fighter, and look forward to watching him fight in the future.

4. The World Cup. I am so excited, I am hoping it will be as good as the last one.

5. Just would like to say, I love the Oakland Raiders.

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