Tigers moving Granderson

It appears that a big three team trade is about to go down in the MLB. Involving the Yankees, Tigers and Diamondbacks. This is of interest to us because it has implications for the American League Central.

The Tigers will be sending Curtis Granderson to the Yankees, and stud starting pitcher Edwin Jackson to the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks will also receive starter Ian Kennedy from the Yankees. The Diamondbacks would be sending, apparently, flame throwing starter, Max Scherzer to the Tigers, as well as a hard throwing reliever Dan Schlereth. One of the Yankee’s top prospects, outfield Austin Jackson, will be coming to Detroit as well as reliever Phil Coke.

While this takes away two of Detroit’s star players, they are being rewarded with a good haul of young talent which might mean that they will be more in the same ball park as the Indians. However, they do still have Miguel Cabrera and like, 20 other all-stars on their roster. This is the biggest deal of the winter thus far, and is not yet complete, but will possibly be done soon if all the players pass their physical examinations. So what has the Tribe done so far? Invited a few guys to spring training… whoop-di-doo.

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