Baseball Cards

I read an article a while back about the dying industry of Baseball cards. This got me thinking about when I was a kid and when it was the cool thing to do, to collect and trade them with your friends. I was probably a lot more into it then most kids, it combined my love of baseball, baseball stats and trivia with my desire to have a big collection of my favorite players cards. I still have all of mine, sitting in my room. Binders and shoeboxes full, 22 pages of 9 cards per page of Jim Thome cards, all with the Indians. I look through them every once in a while, for nostalgic purposes. That article got me thinking about why kids don’t collect them as much anymore, and why I didn’t. So I went to the store to buy some, and have been spending money on them over the last four or five months.

The thrill of getting a pack or a box and opening all of them, looking through to see what you got, still is an exciting moment  for me. Today, especially was awesome. I was at Target doing some Christmas shopping and so I got myself a few packs. I opened one up to find 2 very good new cards, rookie cards, of Matt LaPorta and Luis Valbuena. Needless to say I was pretty ecstatic about it. Sure, they are not big names, but this is why I still spend my money on this stuff. I wanna get collections of the best players obviously, but also of the guys on the Indians roster and the guys I am a fan of. The appeal of Baseball cards has never worn off on me, and I don’t know if that is a testament to how immature I might be, or a testament to how much I love everything that has to do with baseball. I am choosing to believe in the latter statement. I love Baseball, on t.v. , on the computer, playing it or watching it, video games and cards. I think its a shame that our National Pastime has fallen out of favor with younger generations to any sort of hand-held entertainment system, and while I am guilty of logging several hours a week on my Xbox 360 or Nintento Wii, I just don’t understand why something as classic and fun as Baseball cards has disappeared. Apparently now, only one company still manufactures cards from this point forward, Topps will be the only one. There used to be like 20! In just 10 years an entire industry has crumbled.

So basically what the point of this rant was, is just to kind of air it out that I am still a collector. Along with cards I try to collect as much memorabilia and autographs as I can find. Maybe one day I will sell it all and make a lot of money, but for now, its for the pure enjoyment of collecting it and having it. I implore you, go out and buy a few packs, even if it is just for nostalgia, and to pretend you are a kid again, opening up a pack hoping to get your favorite player’s card. They even started putting gum in the packs again sometimes! If ANYONE who reads this collects, cards or memorabilia, let me know, I’d love to hear what you have and marvel at the collections. My best card, which I still have in a hard case that sits on my desk, is a Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card, that last time I checked was worth about $80. And then there’s my Victor Martinez Jersey Swatch card, which has actual game worn jersey clipping in the card. Man that thing is awesome. So if anyone is with me, we should work on bringing it back.

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