Fighter Spotlight: Alan Belcher

Belcher is a very talented, up and coming fighter in the UFC

The first time that I saw Alan Belcher fight was this summer, during UFC 100 during one of the earlier fights of the night before Brock Lesnar took on Frank Mir. While all of my focus was on that big title fight, I was really surprised that I was blown away early on in the night by a very impressive fight, and an impressive performance by “The Talent” Alan Belcher. That night he fought, and lost, to Yoshihiro Akiyama in Akiyama’s UFC debut. It was a very close fight, it came down to a split decision, and I was not in agreement with the final verdict. Me and my friends, my brother and everyone else in the room thought that Belcher had surely won the fight. He showed a great amount of conditioning, fighting knowledge, skill and power.

So after watching that fight and being really impressed with Belcher’s fighting I took it upon myself to learn more about him and watch his other fights. He really is as good as his nickname suggests. I am really surprised that he has not risen any higher yet, but being 25 he still has a long way to go and a lot of improvements that he can make in his game. He has a professional fighting record of 13-5 with 7 wins coming by knock out and 5 by submission. This proves his versatility in the octagon. He is a solid man, muscular and intense, and it shows in his fights.

He routinely delivers devastating body and leg kicks

He can knock you out with any punch and has the technical skills to put you on the mat and tap you out. He has been fighting in the UFC since 2006, and on several occasions he has taken fights on short notice due to other fighters pulling out due to illness or injuries, and he has almost always come through with victories in those situations. Just another thing that proves his mettle as a fighter. One of the things that impressed me most in that fight at UFC 100 was how he could take a punch. Several times Akiyama hit him with huge punches and he just stood there, without even showing signs that he had just been hit with a Superman Punch, or a hard hook. He is a tough S.O.B. He is in constant attack mode looking to catch his opponent with a big right hand or take advantage of a mistake. His biggest punch on the night of UFC 100 was a huge superman punch in which he propelled himself off of the cage and his right fist crashed into Akiyama’s face. That punch would have knocked out most UFC fighters, but veteran MMA star from Japan has a face made of steel because he is a robot. However, Belcher was going after Akiyama non-stop throughout the fight and never slowed down, a testament to his conditioning, and his opponents face was swollen to almost double it’s size by the end of the 3rd round. He shows, in every fight, his ability to escape from tough situations, and his ability to stand up and take the fight to the ground. He is tremendously well rounded and refuses to quit.

"The Talent" is as dangerous on the ground

Throughout his stay in the UFC he has fought many tough opponents, and comes out on top more often then not. He comes at you from all angles, with his fists, feet and has a strong ground game. He doesn’t get caught with many big shots, always keeps his hands up and is ready for anything the opponent throws at him. He is willing to take kicks to the legs but will almost never get caught by one any higher then the waist. He has a pretty even split of victories by KO and by submission, and has a very good guillotine choke that not even the best technicians can get away from. If he locks it in there is no getting out.

That fight that caught my eye won the fight of the night at UFC 100, on the same card as several other great fights, and the Brock Lesnar domination of Frank Mir. The fight was also at 185 pounds, the middleweight class, and Belcher also occasionally fights at the 205, light heavyweight class. While both of these divisions are really stacked, with Lyota Machida and Anderson Silva as reigning champions, Belcher is set to make a run at the top of the division. A win at UFC 107, while not on the main card, will still propel his career further.

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