Week 14 Picks

Another week of NFL action is set to come, starting Thursday night with the sh*tbag Steelers against our beloved Cleveland Browns! Here’s our take on who will win this week’s matchups.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

Zach: Umm… is there really a choice here! The BROWNS!!!! This is our week. I feel it.
Dustin: Yeah, no choice but the Brownies, we have a legitimate shot to beat a reeling Steelers team.


New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons

Z: Saints. There is no way they lose to the struggling Falcons, not after that come back last week and their continued excellence.
D: New Orleans. They aint gonna lose to the Falcons.

Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts

Z: Colts. Another obvious one. Pshh please, Colts probably have a better chance to go undefeated then the Saints.
D: Colts, mostly picking them because I want to see them and NO both go undefeated and meet in the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks vs Houston Texans

Z: Texans, neither team is that good, or that bad, but the Texans will win.
D:Texans. The Seahawks just arent very good.

Carolina Panthers vs New England Patriots

Z: Panthers. They have been on one day and off the next, and I think they will click on all cylinders this weekend.
D: Pats. 2 in a row is one thing. But do you really see Brady dropping 3 straight?

Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs

Z: The Chiefs, they aren’t as bad as people think they are and they will win again this weekend.
D: Chiefs, even the Browns beat Buffalo.

Detroit Lions vs Baltimore Ravens

Z: Lions. I mean, they beat the powerhouse that is the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens have no chance. In all seriousness though, I am picking the Lions.
D: Ravens. I just don’t see the Lions beating the Ravens, as much as I want them to. I just can’t see it.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Minnesota Vikings

Z: The Vikings will show everyone the Bengals are pretenders and not contenders, even with the banged up and depleted defense, the Vikes will out-slug the Bengals.
D:  Don’t expect to see two bad outings from the Vikes in back to back weeks. They Stomp the Bengals.

New York Jets vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Z: Jets, even without Mark Sanchez are better then the Bucs. Winslow vs Edwards! I wanna see them fight, UFC style.
D: GangGreen got it. The Bucs aren’t gonna beat the Jets.

Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Z: The battle for Florida. Dolphins win, in quite easy fashion. The Jags struggle to sell tickets more then the Browns do, maybe the teams should forge one team and then we can make the playoffs!
D: Jags take it. I just can’t see MOJO not running for 100 and 2 tds, with a decent chunk of receiving yardage too.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Z: Packers, they are fighting for a playoff berth, and Jay Cutler will look bad against the best Defense in the league.
D: The Pack. Jay Cutler vs. the Best D around. Not even close.

St. Louis Rams vs Tennessee Titans

Z: Titans. They will get back to their winning ways and beat up on a team that is much worse then them. I am feeling a BIG BIG BIG day from Chris Johnson, maybe a new single game rushing record?
D: Titans. Do I even need to give a reason, okay I will. Two Words: Chris Johnson.

Washington Redskins vs Oakland Raiders

Z: This game sucks, and I will be forced to watch it because I live in DC. Raiders win.
D: Raiders. It will be a 10 point game. GO Bruce!!!

San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys

Z: Fresh off of a hard fought loss to the Giants, the Cowboys lose again. Chargers win and extend their December dominance over the worst December team in the history of suckitude.
D: This is the best game of the week, unfortunately I have to take the Chargers. (sorry Matt)

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants

Z: Eagles. They are making a move to the top of the division starting now.
D: Philly. They are gonna give the ‘Boys a run for their money in the division.


Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers

Z: Cardinals, the Old Man is back and this team is looking ready for the playoffs.
D: Cards (sorry for the repeated agreement with Zach this week) but hey, I can’t pick against my second favorite running back in the NFL, oh and they have two receivers that I hear are pretty good too. And Matt Leinart doesn’t start for them… Big Win on Monday Night.

There you have it, Week 13. Is the season over yet?

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