What I Would Like to See Against the Steelers

Sunday’s game against the Chargers was actually a pretty good contest, not nearly as close as the score would indicate, but the Browns actually looked like a team that was beginning to click and put some things together. That prospect of having a successful game got me really excited for our prime time contest against the Steelers SHITBAGS tonight. Like all Cleveland natives I truly despise the Steelers and want to see them all get injured badly every week. Especially when we play them, luckily for us their whole team is already injured it seems and some of their key players are out, and others are starting to not like each other too much after 4 straight losses, including losses to the Raiders! and the Chiefs! So here’s a few things I would like to see from the Browns tonite…

– Consistency. Even if we don’t win tonight I really want to see the team play another consistent game. Sunday against the Chargers we looked good in the 1st and 4th Quarters, if we can spread that into the middle two Quarters then we have a shot at this game. Consistency from our previous performance would also be a big plus. Every time this season we have seen the team make strides, they come out the next game and take a few steps back, I want to see them build off of Sunday’s performance.

– Punch them in the face and kick them in the nuts. What I mean by this is that I am sick and tired of watching the Steelers come into Cleveland and run over us year in and year out. I wanna see the team strike early and often, an opening drive like Sunday’s would be a good start to that. The defense needs to come out hard and fast, get some early shots on Big Ben and rattle him. We all know he’s a p***y, so all they need to do his hit him hard a few times and the game becomes that much more winnable. Well, he’s not really that, he’s a pretty tough guy and can win games, but he can be a little girl sometimes. The defense needs to play hard, aggressive and tackle efficiently. The offense needs to take shots downfield and take advantage of the gaping hole in the secondary that is present since the Big Hair is out injured.

Browns have a chance if they put Big Ben on his back as much as he does ugly girls

– Run the ball. We didn’t run very well Sunday, but we did show that we can at times run effectively. To set up some bombs downfield to Massaqoui and Stuckey we need to get Harrison going early, run straight at them a few times and run some toss and reverse plays to try and get around the edge for some big gains. The more we utilize the run game and the short passing game to the new Tight End who doesn’t drop the ball Evan Moore the more effective the longer passes to the wide outs will be.

-Catch the ball. Sunday was amazing, the receivers and our new savior at TE didn’t drop passes. Harrison had a huge game receiving out of the back field. Those performances need to carry over and they need to trust themselves. Quinn needs to continue to trust his receivers, and they will pay him back for it by holding on to the ball.

-Don’t turn the ball over. Another thing we need to keep building off of. One fumble on Sunday was our only turnover, but we didn’t force any. I know our defense is depleted and has almost no playmakers left, but we need to force mistakes and play clean and efficiently on the offensive end.

This is a very winnable football game tonight. If the Browns do these things, and much much more, there is a good shot at winning this game and taking a big step forward. LETS GO BROWNS!

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