PAY THE MAN! and other thoughts about the Browns

Now that I have had half a day to process the fact that the Browns won a football game for the 2nd time this season, and beat the Steelers for the first time since 2003, there’s a few things to comment. First things first, HELL YES!!! About damn time! That was easily the best moment of my life – concerning sports – since the Indians run to the ALCS in 2007.

But there is a list of things that are new talking points for us Browns fans now, and things that the team still needs to take care of.

-PAY THE MAN! I know NFL Network and Deion Sanders ran that into the ground last night, and for obvious reasons. So, basically, what I’m talking about is how Joshua Cribbs once again showed that he is the best player in a Browns uniform, the team MVP, team Captain and a man who cares more for this franchise then it deserves. PAY HIM. If the Browns franchise wants to get in touch with its fan base, build a successful team and start to win games consistently, they need to build around guys like Cribbs, starting with him. Game in game out, Cribbs is the best guy on the field, and I don’t care how much money he wants, he deserves it.

– What to make of the Mangini situation. We have been talking about this all year long, no one has liked him, or any of the coaches he has brought with him except for Ryan. But last night might just be his saving grace for the time being. If he can get this team to perform like this week in and week out and get results, then maybe he isn’t such a bad coach. We might not like him, or his methods, but we did just, in relative terms, destroy the Steelers. I’m not jumping aboard the Mangini bandwagon, but in his defense he does have a vision for this team, and he requires a lot out of his players, which our past coaches did not, and the smartness, toughness and effort he requires payed off Thursday night. He has shown a pretty good eye for draft picks, he drafted several really good players that came out of almost no where with the Jets, so regardless of what happens this year, give him another chance. Let’s see what he can build next year, with a good draft and our team healthy, next year can be a much different story.

– Where has it been all year? Maybe the players all just clicked it on the same night by chance, maybe it has all just come together. If that kind of effort and good play is a new constant for the Brownies, I want to see what they can do as a healthy unit, with DeQwell Jackson and guys back next year.

– Brady Quinn is a starter? We still don’t know if Brady Quinn is the QB of this team for the future. Partly because the future is now for this team. One week he’s awesome, one week less then good. Given the fact that the Steelers are still a really good defense and that the weather last night was not conducive to the passing game. I know he is not going to ever light up the stat sheet, he is the kind of QB who is going to control a game and make a few key plays to deliver wins. All we need from him is consistency, which is exactly what we have not seen from him yet.

– Who are these guys? The Browns are coming across some really good players here the past few weeks who no one has ever heard of. Evan Moore looks like he will be  a key guy on this offense for years to come. Chris Jennings has worked for everything he has ever gotten in football, and it looks to be paying off. He seems like he really has that something that running backs need to be starters in this league. I think he will be a good every down guy the next few weeks and next year, which allows us to use Jerome Harrison as the speed guy and the change of pace back which is probably a role he is better suited for. Marcus Bernard, who is that guy? Undrafted linebacker out of Jackson State, came up huuuuge last night with 2 sacks on Big Ben. I can get used to seeing him out there. If Mangini keeps bringing in guys like this, I can get used to him being around too.

That’s pretty much all I can think of about the Browns right now. I have to admit I was blown away, and I really hope they keep this up for the next few weeks, even if that means losing spots in the draft, because it gives them something to build off of going into next year. So, for once… How ‘Bout dem Browns?

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