Sunday Evening Thoughts

Will be busy studying for finals, so this is going to be a rather brief Sunday Evening Thoughts.

1. The Cleveland Browns. What an impressive win. Well for this team any win is impressive, as our season has shown. So I gotta give em props for their win over the Steelers.

2. Usually this is a place for congratulations or my take on sports events. But today, I would like to complain about BDubs. Why is Buffalo Wild Wings not showing UFC 107? Was that just my BWW? Or was it a collective non-showing. Either way, I am very upset with them.

3. Josh Cribbs. He is a big time playmaker. He is a big time fan favorite. Why won’t they just pay this man?

4. Eric Mangini. I am not going to reverse my position on him. I still don’t like the way he runs this team, a W against the Steelers is certainly a BIG plus for him in any Browns fans book. I will give him credit for some of the players he has brought in, particularly as replacements due to injuries. There are a lot of guys out there now, that should be on the roster for 2010. Is there some way we can take him and put him in a scouting/draft management role? Those are apparently his strong points, let him do that and give the team to someone who is better suited to being a Head Coach.

5. I wish the Indians would do something noteworthy. I am begging for it. I want to be able to talk about this team, but there is nothing new to say. I guess I will have to wait until spring.

And a quick little extra congratulations to Charles Nagy and his return to the Indians organization as he was hired to be the pitching coach with Triple-A Columbus, and I hope this trend of bringing in former players as coaches continues.

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