NFL Week 15 Picks

After the Browns surprising win last week I really think all Browns fans should just ignore the sport until next season starts. So our season can end on a high note. But nonetheless, here is our picks for this week’s games.


Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Zach: Colts will win. The Jags always play them tough and are actually fighting for a playoff spot, but I think that Colt’s coach Jim Caldwell plays the starters for at least 1 more week before he decides to rest them. It will end up close, but the Colts will stay undefeated for the time being.
Dustin: Colts. Even if the starters only play a half (which they won’t, they are going for a W) they still best this up and down jags team.


Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints

Z: Saints move to 14-0. It’ll be a tough matchup and probably the best game of the week. Despite Dallas’ suck-job in December they will put up a good fight and probably stick around until the 4th quarter, when Tony Romo will get picked off at least 2 times and the Saints will coast to victory.
D: Sorry to say it but I gotta go with the Saints… 2 14-0 teams? Yes. Yes there will be.


Cleveland Browns vs Kansas City Chiefs

Z: I had faith last week and predicted that the Browns would beat the Steelers, I am going to be stupid and continue to have faith. Browns.
D: Brownies. I always pick ’em. I always will. Legitimate chance at winning this one.

Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets

Z: This season started off promising for both teams but it now looks like both with miss the playoffs. Falcons are banged up, Jets win.
D: Both teams are banged up, but the Falcons D can’t stop Thomas Jones. Jets win.

Miami Dolphins vs Tennessee Titans

Z: Titans, even though the Dolphins are playing good lately, and trying to steal the division from the Patriots, the Titans are playing for much more then just a playoff spot. They are making a run at one of the most remarkable comebacks in a season ever. Titans win a tough one.
D: Titans. Even without VY, they have Kerry Collins. And Chris Johnson.

San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Z: Eagles. This is where they make that end of season run to win the division. 49ers are good, but Philly is better.
D: Hard to tell, SF played well on MNF, but I say short week, and a big play offense is too much to overcome. Philly.

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

Z: Patriots win to stay alive in the hunt for the division with the Dolphins. Bills are pretty bad.
D: Pats. The Bills are awful. Everyone beats them.

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions

Z: Cardinals will rebound form that shit-show last week. Blowout win over the Lions
D: Cards. They need this win, and they know it.

Chicago Bears vs Baltimore Ravens

Z: Ravens are 7-6 and have a shot at a wild card. They will take advantage of a weaker team this week and get a W.
D: Cutler is so bad, I would pick anyone over the bears. Ravens.

Houston Texans vs St. Louis Rams

Z: Texans get another huge blowout victory. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are so fun to watch hooking up on deep balls and long scores.
D: Houston. St Louis is just about as bad as they get.

Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos

Z: This is a tough one to call. Broncos have not been good lately and the Raiders have been looking better but might have to go back to JaMarcus Russell. Broncos win on the back of Knowshown Moreno.
D: Oakland is starting Charlie Frye. Do I even need another reason?

Cincinnati Bengals vs San Diego Chargers

Z: Bengals have the AFC North all but wrapped up, but the Chargers are hot hot hot right now. Chargers win as they look to get home-field through the playoffs.
D: Chargers. No doubt, the Bengals have shown, they can beat the bad teams, but they can’t beat the good teams. And SD will show it.

Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Z: Packers. They have been impressive the past few weeks and if the Steelers looked like crap against the Browns, put them up against the best D in the league and see what happens.
D: Packers. The Pack and stacked. They look good. The Steelers are awful without Troy Polamalu. And it’s showing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Seattle Seahawks

Z: Not a good Sunday Night game, but we’ll get to watch Kellen Winslow for the first time this year. Bucs pull an upset of sorts.
D: I can’t even give you a winner. I’m calling it a TIE. Yes, really.


Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers

Z: Vikings take it, Carolina isn’t going to be too much competition for them unless the RB’s DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart really get going early.
D: Vikings.  Carolinas a mess. And the Vikes are just too good for ’em.

There you have it. Week 15 of the NFL is about to get started, 2 huge games to start things off Thursday and Saturday. The Browns are coming off of a HUGE win last Thursday and are looking to get win number 3 against a bad, but tough Chiefs team.

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