What I Would Like to See Against the Chiefs…

Here we are, Saturday evening, the Browns coming off arguably the biggest win for the franchise of the last 5 or 6 years, and we are playing another miserable franchise. The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-10 this year, one game better then us, but they do have some guys on the team that are, to some degree, rising stars in the NFL, Dwayne Bowe, Matt Cassell, Jamaal Charles is looking pretty impressive and a few other guys. Overall they seem to have more talent then the Browns, but I honestly think our victory over the Steelers was more impressive then theirs. But as always, I have compiled things that would be great to see from our Cleveland Browns in this week’s game…

– A better Brady. Quinn had been showing so much improvement the past few weeks until we hosted Pittsburgh last Thursday night. Not that he really regressed that much, but he was not as sharp, nor was he accurate when he passed the ball. I know that the weather was not at all helpful for the passing game, but I was still dis-heartened by his performance. When so many things were actually going right for the team, the passing game was not. It is supposed to be in the 40’s tomorrow with a pretty good wind, so the team should look to establish some passing as well as pound the ball with the run game.

– The receivers running good routes and catching passes. One thing I did notice, and it was most likely not because of good coverage by the Steelers, was that the route running by the Receivers did not look as crisp as it did the week before. If the Receivers and Evan Moore can get open and take advantage of those opportunities we will be able to move the ball pretty well against the Chiefs defense. Mostly because,  well, I know this is hard for the team to comprehend sometimes, catching the football is vital to success.

– Run the ball effectively. Last week’s win was impressive, not only because they won, but because Chris Jennings ran the ball well. The Chiefs defense is not as good as the Steelers, so a repeat performance, or an improved performance, is not out of the question. If the run is established early, it will open things up for Quinn later on and help us score a few TD’s. The rookie Jennings was really good last week, and seems like he has a really good work ethic and has something about him. I am, and my brother is, very excited to see what we have with him.

– Defensive continuity. This has been an area of concern all season. One week our defense does really well, but the next week they get torched. We got absolutely run over by the Lions, but the same unit, with a few changes here and there, bruised Ben Roethlisberger more then he had been in a long time. If the Defense comes out and pressures Matt Cassell like that it improves the team’s chances greatly and might force a few turnovers. Eric Wright, Marcus Bernard and pretty much everyone else was awesome last week, if they can come close to replicating that performance it could be really fun to watch against competition closer to the level of the Browns.

– Mangini’s Ideology. Despite everything that has happened this year, it looks like this team has bought into Eric Mangini’s ideology in terms of hard work, playing smart, and leaving it all out on the field. If things continue to go in this direction, the team could end up winning a few more games this year and could win more then just a few next year with an infusion of some more talent over the off-season. I don’t know if it was a fluke, but we all liked what we saw last week, and I will admit it, just like everyone else I was quick to call for Mangini’s firing and I still don’t like the guy, but it is a long process to build/re-build a team and he might just surprise us.

– PAY THE MAN! Every time I hear or see anything about Joshua Cribbs I yell this at the top of my lungs. I will be doing so again several times Sunday. I have no doubt that once again he will be the star of the team and prove throughout the game that he deserves a new contract. What I want to see from him is what he delivered last week. Big runs, good returns, and crucial 3rd down conversions. He is the one guy on the team that we can rely on to come up with the big plays. If he does that Sunday, our offense will continue too flow.

So that is all I could think of for this week’s game. I am still buzzing from the win against Pittsburgh, and I am excited to see what we can do against a team we have a realistic shot to beat if the team comes out to play with that same intensity and showing that same level of talent. This could be win #3, lets go Browns!

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