Sunday Evening Thoughts

Coming off a huge win last week, the Brownies get another? Really? This is the best stretch of games we’ve had in a long time! As per the usual I have 5 thoughts for you all, let’s get started.

1. I would like to congratulate Josh Cribbs for his 2 return TD’s today, both over 100 yards. And I would like to reiterate HE NEEDS TO BE PAID SO HE WILL STAY IN CLEVELAND!!!!

2. I need to congratulate Jerome Harrison. Look at this stat line: 34 carries, 286 yards, 3 TDs. That is 1 Browns record, and now has the third highest rushing yardage in a single game. Plus 3 TDs is quite an accomplishment for any player.

3. One undefeated team remains. The Indianapolis Colts. I was afraid predicting an undefeated Super Bowl would be a jinx. The Saints were dropped by the Dallas Cowboys. Damarcus Ware, had a hell of a game. Only 6 days after being carted off with a neck injury he is a hell of a player, and won that game for the Cowboys. Also, why does Nick Folk suck now?

4.  The Cavs have a 5 game win streak heading into their  HUGE west coast road trip featuring visits to Dallas (tonight), Phoenix (tomorrow), Sacramento (Wed) and the Lakers on Christmas. It looks like a tough end to the year for LeBron and the boys since once they get back, they have 3 more games before 2010 begins.

5. I am just hoping that the beginning of 2010 doesn’t mean the beginning of the “LeBron Sweepstakes 2010” rumors and constant coverage. No one needs to see that.

And one quick last thought, its been an amazing weekend, heres to the Cavs capping it off with a win.

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