NFL Week 16 Picks

Another action packed week of NFL Football and another set of highly mis-guided and amateur picks by this pair of brothers. We are still riding high off of the Browns starting their first win streak in a long time, but that will likely come to an end with Derek Anderson re-established as the starting Quarterback after the injury to Brady Quinn. Teams all around the NFL are looking to get their playoff spots, good teams are looking to rest starters and get tuned up for long playoff runs, the Browns and their opponent this weekend, the Oakland Raiders, are playing for the rights to not call themselves the worst in the NFL. Here we go with Week 16

Friday –

San Diego Chargers vs Tennessee Titans

Zach: The Chargers are looking to finish strong, as always, and lock up the #2 seed while the Titans at 7-7 are and will probably be on the outside looking in come playoff time after that miserable 0-6 start to the year. Titans have more to play for Friday night though, I have them winning and maybe even making the playoffs.
Dustin: Chargers. Not even VY and Chris Johnson can stop the Bolts.

Sunday –

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints

Z: Saints will win fairly easily. It is a good game for them coming off of their first loss all year, and will help them get back in playoff form with an easy win.
D: Nawlins. The Bucs are too bad to even be a trap game for a good team.

Buffalo Bills vs Atlanta Falcons

Z: Falcons. They seem to be getting healthy, its too late for them in terms of the playoffs, but can easily handle this team from Buffalo.
D: ATL. Bills are in the Bucs zone. Can’t beat nobody.

Houston Texans vs Miami Dolphins

Z: Both teams are 7-7 and 1 game back of the playoff hunt, and both are still in the running. Dolphins defense comes up with big plays and slows down the relentless arial onslaught of the Texans. Dolphins win.
D: Texans. Both teams without their big time RB’s. I say Houston wins a close one.

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

Z: As of right now the Pack have the 5th seed in the NFC, the Seahawks might be looking at a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft. Packers win, now all they need is the Cowboys or Giants to lose and they seal a spot.
D: GB. The pack looks like they are kicking into playoff gear, at this point in their season they can’t afford not to be.

Carolina Panthers vs the New York Giants

Z: Both of these teams looked impressive last week, the Giants against the Redskins who probably should just quit playing football and the Panthers against the very good Vikings. Panthers win and knock the Giants out of playoff contention. Clearing up the NFC playoff picture.
D: Giants. Let’s keep the water muddy in the NFC. If the Panthers really are going to be without Deangelo Williams, I can see them losing. Not Redskins bad, but it wont be close either.

Oakland Raiders vs Cleveland Browns

Z: Can the Browns make it 3 straight? Derek Anderson at Quarterback will be facing the underrated Raiders Defense headed up by the best CB in the league, Nnamdi Asomugouashasfasd or however you spell his name. Raiders end the Browns win streak and Anderson embarrasses himself some more.
D: The Brownies. Can we win with DA at the QB? Since he is basically playing for his NFL life these next 2 weeks, I say. Yes.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots

Z: I always have liked the Jags, one of the teams I feel a bond to for some reason I have no idea what it is. They are trying to fight for a playoff spot, but will prove once again they are more like the Browns then they are the Colts. Patriots win.
D: This one I am on the fence about. If Moss actually tries this week, I say Pats. If he gives up, I say Jags. If I had to guess. I’d go Jags.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals

Z: Bengals score a lot of points like we did last week, win easy in a game they need for playoff positioning.
D: Can KC beat two AFC North teams? I doubt it. Bengals.

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Z: Ravens have control of their own destiny at 8-6 with a wild card spot in hand, Steelers are 7-7 and have rebounded form their long losing streak and beat the Packers in a tough game last week. Sadly, I am predicting that Big Ben gets back to his old tricks and leads them to victory. And a possible playoff birth.
D: Ravens. Even tho Big Ben and the Steelers won against Green Bay doesn’t mean they can beat anyone else.

St.  Louis Rams vs Arizona Cardinals

Z: Cardinals are heating up at the right time, have already won their division and are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. They want to make a run at a better position and get an easy W against the Rams.
D: Cards. Warner is going to throw for 300 and Beanie Wells needs to get me atleast 150 (since he is on my fantasy team that is going for 3rd this week. Somehow worked out it’s against Zach)

Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers

Z: Lions do not want to pick #1 again and this win means more for them then the 49ers who were knocked out of the playoff hunt. 49ers still win.
D: Niners. They are a border line good team, not getting tripped up by the Lions.

Denver Broncos vs Philadelphia Eagles

Z: Denver is 8-6 and desperately wants to win at least 1 more game to squeeze into the playoffs. Eagles on the other hand have already clinched a spot, and want that #2 seed and some home-field advantage. Eagles outscore and outslug the Broncos on Brian Dawkins homecoming to Philly.
D: Philly: They now have a player who I can just say his name and you know he can give them a W. Desean Jackson.

New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts

Z: I don’t know if the Colts will play all the starters all game long, or at all the last 2 weeks. But at 14-0 they can afford to do whatever they want and have nothing but health left to play for until the playoffs start. Jets on the other hand are at 7-7 with a shot at a wild card spot, and will come out swinging. Jets win.
D: Colts, keepin’ it perfect in ’09.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

Z: Cowboys win. Redskins suck harder then the Browns. Cowboys in playoffs again.
D: How ’bout dem Cowboys? Easy winners.

Monday –

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears

Z: Vikings still want that #2 seed, Bears just want to not get embarrassed. Vikings win and stave off Philly who is desperately trying to overtake them. Besides, the Vikes need to shake off last week’s emberassment
D: Can Jay Cutler do something epic this week? I think so. 5 picks. At least. (also if Childress sits Favre and I lose because of it, I am going to Minnesota and keying his car)

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