What I Would Like to See Against the Raiders…

I know I have not been expressing much confidence in the Browns this week after finding out that Derek Anderson is going to be back in at QB thanks to the injury to Brady Quinn. And I even picked against the Browns in our weekly pick ’em this week, but as always, there are things I would like to see from the team this weekend and things they need to do in order to pull this one out. The only reason I think that they will lose, is that DA throws a few interceptions and sets the Raiders up for easy scores that because of DA’s bad play we won’t be able to come back from. But then again, this team has been amazing, for our standards, the past 2 weeks, with a dominant win against the Steelers and a amazing and record breaking win against the Chiefs. So here goes, what I would like to see against the Raiders…

– The first one is obvious. I want to see Derek Anderson not suck. This is essential for the team if they are going to win. We can usually handle bad play from Brady Quinn because he doesn’t force bad throws and turn the ball over, most days, but Anderson forces balls into triple coverage routinely and that screws up the team. He also has even worse accuracy then Quinn and can’t find a receiver even if he is wide open.

– Defense! Sunday last week was a shit-show for the team defensively as they were carved by Matt Cassell and Jamaal Charles. While the Chiefs have been finding their flow lately, like the Browns, they are by no means as good as they looked. Neither are the Browns for that matter. If we are going to beat the Raiders though, we need the Defense that showed up for the Pittsburgh game a few weeks ago. If that unit shows up and looks motivated, they will force mistakes from Charlie Frye… yes, that guy, and we can get some big plays that way. The defense really needs to set up the offense and make stops. The offense cannot put up 40+ a game to counteract the crappy defense.

– Run the ball. I wanna see Harrison get his shot at 30 carries again. If nothing else he proved that he could handle that workload. I don’t think he will be as effective against a better defense, I’m thinking he’ll get probably between 50 and 75 yards, but he should get more then 9 touches which is what he has averaged all year long. 34 is a lot, but if he is feeling it again by all means keep giving him the ball. Mangini needs to realize what kind of talent he has and utilize it better. Chris Jennings was the star against the Steelers and very well might be the feature guy next year, but this is Harrison’s time to shine. Let him do it.

– Joshua Cribbs. Last week he was the bomb. Tom Cable said he will kick him the ball. So I wanna see the usual performance from Cribbs. Big returns, maybe a score. With the idea of DA being under center again, I definetly would understand if Mangini and Daboll used the Flash package more this week. After the week Cribbs had against Pittsburgh and against KC, he should touch the ball about 15 times, at least, on offense and get his usual reps returning the ball. It would be a good counterbalance to Harrison’s speed game out of the backfield to use Cribbs in the flash as he shows a little more power, and maybe have him hand the ball off to Harrison or Jennings a few time. I would love to see the Browns get really cheeky and run the option with Cribbs and Harrison.

– Catch the damn football. The ever recurring theme of the season. I just wanna see the receivers and tight ends catch the ball when it is thrown to them. Please. 2 games left, I want to see some improvement on this front. I would love to see them keep the drops total below 5 for the last 2 weeks of the year.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hopefully the Brownies can pull off some things from this list and produce another W. Wouldn’t it be amazing.


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