Holmgren is Waiting… Like the Rest of Us.

So it appears that we still know nothing of what Mike Holmgren has planned for our beloved organization. That is okay. The season isn’t over yet so I guess he doesn’t want to let anyone know about what he is thinking, although it would be really nice to hear him say something about anything, instead of nothing about everything. He had his first chance to say something today, and the Cleveland Brown’s Report and other news outlets are giving quotes here and there and I was able to listen to it in it’s entirety. Holmgren said a lot of good things about Randy Lerner and how that he was one of the main reasons for his coming to Cleveland. Imagine that… Lerner’s dedication to making this team successful brought us Mike Holmgren. Holmgren said that he will be hiring a General Manager, he says it would be unfair to decide Mangini’s fate with 1 game left int he season, he says that he most like will not be coaching, he wants to work to make the Browns fans happy and give us the type of winning football we deserve to see. I liked what he had to say, as vague as it all was, but there really was nothing of substance discussed. A few times he hinted at wanting to keep Mangini, a few other times it seemed like he had other potential people in mind. For the most part only really said that he is waiting to talk to Mangini, the other coaches and everyone around the team before he makes decisions on what he is going to do. The OBR has a full transcript of everything Holmgren had to say about the state of things right now and whether he had made any decisions. I am not going to get in to absolutely everything he said, but I wanna draw some attention to what he had to say about Eric Mangini and other coaching related ideas.

He stated several times that he was not coaching, and he would not be making all of the scheme and personnel decisions, although he said he would have the final say. This basically means that he will be very involved in those sorts of decisions, and said that the West Coast Offense he usually employs may or may not be put into place, depending on who the coach or if they decide together that it will be used. Regarding Mangini, he said that he is doing a very good job right now, the players are responding to him well and he is getting the team to play good football at this point in time, which could mean good things for Eric going into the decision making of this off-season. Holmgren forcefully stated that it is not in his nature to get rid of someone after just one season. His direct quote is:  “I think that’s the question. Eric and I talked about this, I’m not a big fan of the quick hook. I would never do that with quarterbacks when they played for me. I really don’t think one year is enough to prove what you’re trying to get done. Sometimes you go into situations and because of things that you have no control over, all of a sudden the team is suffering. Sometimes you have control over situations and poor decisions are made and that’s another reasons teams [suffer]. That’s what I have to evaluate.” So it is very possible that Mangini is still coaching this team next year and that Brady Quinn is still the Quarterback, but he also said that he has made no decisions about Mangini yet, so if they don’t get along and if he doesn’t think that Mangini is the right fit, then he will be gone.

Speaking of Brady Quinn and the position of Quarterback, that statement gives me the idea that Quinn for one will be around next year. DA probably not because he is expensive already and is due another roster bonus. But I would not be surprised if Holmgren hand picked the Quarterback for this team. He said that he had not evaluated any QB or any player on the roster yet, this will begin when he comes to Cleveland next Monday after the season ends. Once next week starts things will start to heat up in his office and he will start to make decisions and it will all get interesting. If you haven’t read what he said, it is a good thing to check out. He doesn’t give us any real idea as to what he has planned, but he says just enough for you to start speculating. It seems that as far as he is concerned, everyone is playing and coaching for their job right now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we knew by the end of next week if Mangini is still the coach, because Holmgren will want all the time he can before Free Agency and the Draft to work with his new coach and GM to see what he wants to do personnel wise. I really like his section on how the fans deserve to see winning football, that shows me that he is dedicated to turning things in Cleveland around. So as a collective group of suffering and depressed fans, lets keep a close eye on this thing.

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