Week 17 Picks

This is the last week of the NFL Regular Season. The last time we will do these picks for the next few months. It has been a crazy season and it has had many highs and lows. The Browns started off going 1-11 and have dug themselves a little bit of the way out of the dungeon of the NFL by winning 3 straight. A win against Jacksonville this Sunday would be a huge momentum booster for next year and would give the Browns a 5-11 record, an improvement from last years 4-12. With a win against a team that is significantly better then the Browns, it would be another statement that this team is getting better and could be a tough team to beat in 2010 and beyond. Here’s the picks for the last week of the 2009-2010 regular season


Indianapolis  Colts vs Buffalo Bills

Zach: Colts won’t lose again even with just 1 half of football from Peyton and company.
Dustin: Indy. They can’t lose 2 in a row, even with the backups in.

New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

Z: The Panthers have been looking like a completely new team lately, and the will continue to run over opponents with a dominant running game against the Saints who can’t seem to stop the run at all. Panthers get another upset victory.
D: Saints. They bounce back to form just at the right time.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cleveland Browns

Z: The Browns get another home game to end the season, and look to win their 4th straight game. The Jaguars have a LONG shot to make the playoffs if just about every AFC team loses. Browns pull off a big win, to improve to 5-11.
D: Browns. Playing spoiler and effectively killing the Jags season.

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions

Z: If the Bears play like they did Monday night, the Lions have no chance. Bears won’t play that good, but they will still win.
D: I’m gonna go Lions. But the game as a whole will most likely be an embarrassment to football.

New England Patiorts vs Houston Texans

Z: Patriots have their playoff spot wrapped up, but at 8-7 the Texans need to win to get in. I think the Texans come out and punch them in the mouth. Texans win in a shootout.
D: Pats win, 8-8 Texans still have a playoff shot though.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Miami Dolphins

Z: Steelers are also playing for their playoff lives. I think they come out and show why they won the Super Bowl last year, Steelers win.
D: The Steelers win if Polamolu plays, I don’t think he will. ‘Phins win.

New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings

Z: Vikings need to show why they are the #2 seed, and I think they show it this weekend. They are looking to right the ship before the playoffs start and they get things back in shape against the Giants.
D: Vikings go all out. Stomp the Giants. Expect a blowout.

San Francisco 49ers vs St. Louis Rams

Z: 49ers win convincingly and the Rams earn themselves the #1 pick in the Draft.
D: Niners. They are going for .500 and they will get it.

Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Z: Both teams are finishing the season on high notes, the Bucs are coming off of a win against the Saints, but I think the Falcons have a little more to play for with next season in mind. Falcons win.
D: ATL. But barely. The Bucs are gonna be a letdown after last weeks MASSIVE win.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

Z: Both of these teams are playoff bound, but this game is for the Division. Eagles are better, and prove it Sunday.
D: Dallas, They will even out everything in terms of record with this win. Romo goes Big at home.

Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals

Z: Another NFC playoff preview, the Pack and the Cardinals are both hitting their strides at what seems like the right time. The Packers defense is amazing, but the Cardinals offense is equally as incredible. Cardinals win a close game.
D: Packers, Aaron Rogers proves why he is in the Pro Bowl. Not that he really needs to.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

Z: Broncos control their own destiny for the AFC wild card spot at 8-7, a win could mean that they are playoff bound. The Chiefs don’t stand much of a chance.
D: Denver shows up like they did at the beginning of the season and take the W.

Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders

Z: The AFC playoff picture is fun, to say the least. A win for the Ravens could also mean playoffs, and the Raiders won’t be able to stop a motivated Ray Lewis and company.
D: I’m going to say Raiders. Somehow they beat every other team (except the Browns) in our division, they will go 3-1 against the AFC North.

Washington Redskins vs San Diego Chargers

Z: Chargers win, Redskins continue to suck. I live in the DC area and I can sympathize with the fans. But there is a joke I love to tell, Planes can’t land in the Redskin’s stadium because they don’t allow Touchdowns there. It’s dumb, but true and funny.
D: Chargers, easily. And no Zach it’s not funny. Not even close.

Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks

Z: Titans will miss the playoffs but Chris Johnson needs about 240 yards to set the single season record and Jeff Fisher is going to let him have a go at it against the lowly Seahawks. He won’t get there, but the Titans will finish with a win.
D: Titans, and it won’t be close 30 point win for Tennessee.

Cincinnati Bengals vs New York Jets

Z: The Jets need another win to get in to the playoffs, but it won’t happen here. The Bengals need a tune up for the 2nd season, and who better to show your dominance against then a playoff hopeful team.
D: The Jets! Lose! The Bengals kill the Jets playoff chances with a nice road win.

There you have it. Week 17. See you all next year.

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