Sunday Evening Thoughts

After once again being given the privilege to watch the Browns win a football game it gives us all hope of what next year could be. Let’s look at some of the big stories in the world of sports from the past week.

1. The Browns. Ending the season on 4 straight wins, starting with a Thursday night win over the Steelers. We have all been impressed by the stellar play of the Browns to end out the season, and they have all really stepped it up these past few weeks. Especially Jerome Harrison and Josh Cribbs.

2. What a fantastic Rose Bowl we had this year. Not just (but mostly) because of The Ohio State University winning over a very good Oregon team but also because it was a very good game. And Terrelle Pryor passed like we have never seen him pass before. And I look forward to seeing more of this from him in the future.

3. It has been a crazy week for college football head coaches. I don’t know what is going on at Texas Tech, but from my position it is a disgraceful way to act on everyone involved, and whoever ends up with Leach as the head coach of their team next year will be very lucky. Between that and Urban Meyers flip flop on retiring and then deciding to take an indefinite leave of absence, which will surely create many a headline for a little while yet to come, this has been an interesting week indeed.

4. The Cavs have won 7 straight and are starting to look great, and by the way I wanted to ask, does Andy’s big 3 at the end of the game make his 1-19 career 3-point percentage acceptable? I say, hell yes it does. (and I think Shaq needs to start buying me birthday gifts, he got LeBron a Rolls Royce!)

5. I may have been completely wrong with my Super Bowl pick of Indy vs. New Orleans. By the looks of it (even though it was backups) both teams look downtrodden over losing their perfect seasons. And I TOTALLY called the Minnesota – New York Giants game, I told you it would be a blow out.

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