Cavs All Decade Team

Zach got me thinking the other day when he wrote about the 25 best Indians of the 2000’s. I started thinking about the best 12 Cavs from the past decade. So I figured I’d compose a 12 man roster of the very best Cavs from 2000-2010.

PG: Mo Williams, only here since 2008-2009 season but his production last season as the first true scoring sidekick for LeBron was phenomenal. And in a fairly week selection of guards to choose from since 2000 he easily nudges out the others for top PG honors.

SG: Ricky Davis, a testament that one 20 ppg season is good enough to be in the top 5 Cavs since 2000. At least we are closer to good now.

SF: LeBron James, He has been the face of the franchise since coming into the league and has lead the team in every possible way. Plus, HE IS LEBRON JAMES. He has no regard for human life (I don’t know if anyone else remembers that call on that dunk, but LeBron got a chance to throwdown and dunked over atleast 2-3 players and the commentating team scream “And LeBron James with no regard for human life!” Best. Call. Ever.)

PF: Carlos Boozer, It hurts me to say this, but he was the most talented PF to play for the Cavs this decade. Not to say he also wasn’t the biggest… I’m not gonna say it. We all know what he is.

C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, easiest selection of them all. Big Z has been in Cleveland his whole career and he doesn’t retire a Cavalier, there will be a large number of disgruntled fans.


PG: Eric Snow, Never lit up the stat sheet, but was very important to those 3 teams that he played 70 or more games for.

PF/C: Anderson Varejao, His hustle and intensity coupled with that hair made him one of the biggest fan favorites of the decade.

PF/SF: Donyell Marshall, A guy that only played 164 games stretched across 3 years, but was the biggest option for LeBron to pass to on the perimeter for that time.

SG: Larry Hughes, Never won over fans, (I never liked him) but we seem to forget he averaged 14 points a game for his tenure in Cleveland.

F: Lamond Murray, Played the best basketball along with Andre Miller in those early 00’s for the Cavs, only good for 30 wins or so a year, but hey it’s good enough for the Cavs all decade team.

PF/C: Drew Gooden, averaged 12-8.7 in 3 and a half years in Cleveland, but definitely had his ups and downs. Also that trade to bring in him and Andy for Tony Battie was one of the better trades of the decade.

G: Jeff McInnis, another testament to how bad the guards have been and the fact that we have had a revolving door at both the 1 and 2 guard sports, that a guy that only played 107 games and averaged 12.5 points is on the all decade team.

Heres to next decade, maybe we will have a few more established players to put on this team then.

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4 Responses to Cavs All Decade Team

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  2. tom says:

    what kind of list is this? no smush parker? no milt palacio? no desagana diop? NO LUKE JACKSON?????

  3. Chad says:

    What? No Andre Miller. Seeing Larry Hughes, Snow, Marshall and McInnis on this list makes me sick. We’re you really torn between McInnis and Damon Jones?

    How bout replacing those guys with Andre Miller, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson and either Wesley Person, Flip Murray or Joe Smith.

    • I left Boobie off because he has been good but he never really played that much, even in his one great year. Flip Murray was only on the team for one season, albeit a good one and Delonte has only had one full year as well. Andre Miller being left off was a mistake I’ll admit. I also tried to go with guys that played better over a longer period.

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