Indians Make a Trade

The Indians made another minor move Saturday afternoon. They announced the trade of Zach Jackson, the left handed pitcher that was a add on to the CC Sabathia trade to Milwaukee. Jackson was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays where he might compete for a rotation or bullpen spot. The Blue Jays have a penchant for taking Indians cast off starters and making them into pretty decent starters or long relievers. Like Brian Tallet who has been a mainstay in their bullpen the past 4 years putting up 3 solid ones. Zach Jackson had no shot to re-insert himself into the rotation picture as the younger, better prospects begin to mature, the Hector Rondons and Jeanmore Gomez type pitchers. There is also a log jam of pitchers at the back end of the rotation who are out of options and it is their last chance to make the Tribe’s starting 5.

Jackson was shipped to Toronto for a player to be named, there is no list yet as to who those possible PTBNL candidates are, but we will keep looking for a list. There is also no deadline set for the selection of that player. Possibly like with the earlier Kelly Shoppach trade, it will be for a pitcher or possibly an infielder who is also out of options and is looking for another shot somewhere, and with a team who is desperate for some productions form bench players and pitchers, they will get an opportunity in Cleveland.

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