Sunday (Monday) Evening Thoughts

So while this may be roughly 24 hours late, we are going to ignore that and jump right in.

1. While I am glad Mark McGwire manned up and told us he took steroids, I am upset about two things that it means, 1, more steroid talk, and he will never be a real candidate for the Hall which sucks because I really would like to have seen his bust in Cooperstown.

2. I will literally wet my pants is the Browns actually do get a shot at drafting S Eric Berry out of Tennessee. How much of an impact would this guy have in the Browns secondary. Just wow.

3. I love Josh Cribbs. And I desperately want to resign him, but please don’t make this into a big he said she said deal. Don’t fight in the media, don’t whine and complain, Just Get It Done. Also hurry up and get deals done with Jerome Harrison and Eric Wright, we need them.

4. I was enthralled by the idea of Antawn Jamison joining the Cavs, please make that happen. Please.

5. I will admit, I was wrong not to put Andre Miller in the Cavs All Decade Team that I made, I should have put him in.

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