Cavs Midseason Report

So here we are. Halfway through the NBA season (well halfway through the Cavs season). We are going to look at the positives of the team, the negatives, and even let you know who has been the MVP of the Cavs season thus far (Hint: It is not LeBron James. Well, maybe.)

First off, let’s take a look at the Cavaliers Team Leaders:

Points: 29.7 LeBron James
Assists: 7.8 LeBron James
Rebounds: 8.2 Anderson Varejao
Blocks: 1.14 Shaquille O’Neal
Steals: 1.51 LeBron James

LeBron has almost 30 PPG, and the team is in First in the Eastern Conference. What more could you ask for from this team? Nothing much, I certainly cannot complain about a 30-11 team. All I am looking for from the Cavs now, is more W’s and fine-tuning every aspect of the team, so that when the playoffs come around, they will still have a leg up on the competition. What things need fine tuning you may ask? Well, I have a couple ideas,

If you remember the Cavs Quarterly Review (If not or just want a refresher on the ideas I had way back when, ).
I had two qualms about the playing time certain players were receiving, one of those has been fixed, Shaq is getting 22.6 minutes which is roughly what I wanted, Z’s minutes are up and I have to say that I think both are playing better than they were at the quarter mark of the season.

The other thing I was hoping for was Anthony Parker getting more minutes, which should’ve translated to more points, his minutes are up slightly, but he still almost never gets shots, a guy that shoots 44% from the field and 47% from 3PT should have more chances to score, atleast one more spot up 3 would benefit him and the team.

Delonte West has really played good basketball recently, is the up swing in terms of minutes? Or is it just that he is feeling more like the D-West of last year? Either way, it means only good things for the team.

LeBron has been LeBron-esque. Nothing else to really say about him.

Andy, is really playing great off the bench and definitely looks like a 6th Man Award contender at this point. He has been a big time guy for this team.

Overall the team is playing great, and gelling excellently and everything Cavs related is looking up. Oh and I lied at the beginning, it is LeBron, He is the MVP of the team he averages basically 30/8/7 with a steal and block and a half. He is 100 percent the heart and soul of the Cavs and probably the best player in the league.

Go Cavs!

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