A New QB in Cleveland?

The Browns are rumored to be in the market for a new QB, Donavon McNabb or Kevin Kolb

Could yet another new starting Quarterback be what the Cleveland Browns really need? Conventional wisdom would say no, but this is Cleveland and the team’s woes stem from inconsistent and pretty bad QB play. Sure, there is not really good wide receiver options for any QB, and the O-line doesn’t give the QB enough time to get set and try to find open targets, but some of that can be counteracted with a better QB. The Browns have Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, Brett Ratliff as well, but there is no clear cut starter, or QB of the future, or now for that matter. Quinn had glimpses of being a solid starter and good ball-control type QB, while we all know DA is a gunslinger, who makes bad decisions all too frequently. But this is all things that we know. I have been reading on the rumor sections of Yahoo! Sports that the Browns are being mentioned frequently in talks to bring in a different QB and are apparently looking to move either DA or Quinn, and possibly both. New GM Tom Heckert and new President Mike Holmgren are not overly excited about either one of those guys as the QB of this team, and we all know that Mangini really doesn’t have any solid thoughts on that either.

But why is this significant? Well… rumor has it that the Eagles, Heckert’s former organization, is making the decision rather early on in this off-season that Kevin Kolb or Donavon McNabb will be the QB for that team, and the other one will be shipped elsewhere. Ding-ding-ding-ding. Kolb was great last year in the relief role for the injured McNabb and has been good in limited time in the past. He has a good report with all the guys on that team, which makes me think that they might be leaning towards him to carry the team into the future. But, would they really spurn McNabb and send him elsewhere to finish his career? We all know how good he is, and how the Browns foolishly did not draft him years ago when he was coming into the league, but is it possible that with Heckert’s connections to Philly that the Browns bring in one of the pair? If you follow this link, it will bring you to a little rumor article, that claims that because of the influx of young talent in Philly that the teams players are leaning toward Kolb, and respond better to him. This might make McNabb available, and this Cleveland Browns team could really use some veteran leadership and the 33 McNabb could still have a few good years left in him. If this is the case, the Browns could send a few draft picks their way, or a few players that are not really fitting into the scheme of things in Cleveland now. It is a very intriguing option.

The other side of the coin though is much m ore intriguing. Kevin Kolb is only 25 years old, with a very, very bright future. Rather then drafting another young, unproven QB, the Browns should consider making a move for Kolb, who Heckert is responsible for drafting. He would be a big improvement in terms of arm strength and accuracy over both Quinn and DA, so why not? Kolb could be available because of Heckert’s link to the team, or if the organization decides it wants to stick with McNabb. I don’t know which is more likely right now, but it is worth keeping an eye on. An earlier rumor that I saw from Yahoo! Sports also had the Browns possibly interested in A.J. Feeley, Michael Vick, Kellen Clemens, Josh McCown, and Trent Edwards. None of those options really excite me, I am leaning towards the team making a move to get Kolb or McNabb. I’d prefer Kolb for the long-term, and even for the short-term because he would be an instant upgrade to Quinn and Anderson and would allow us to try and send them elsewhere to recover the picks that we could possibly send to the Eagles.  Just sayin…

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