Let’s Talk LeBron

At this point in time, there is no longer a question as to who is the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment… okay maybe not, but certainly the Biggest Best Star of the NBA. That Man, is LeBron James. Certainly no one can argue that no other player excites a crowd quite like King James. Sure, Kobe can drive the Lakers fans wild, D-Wade can excite Miami, and everybody in OKC loves Durant. But can any of them go to another city and bring the same excitement as LeBron does where ever he shows up. Even non-Cavs fans can tell you that (check: Simmons, Bill http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/100120&sportCat=nba ) But with all of the excitement surrounding this man in the NBA is it fair to say he is the best player in the NBA? As a Cavs fan its an obvious answer: Yes. But from a more neutral point of view can you say he is the best player in the league today? I am still sure. Yes, yes he is. Most LeBron Haters will say he has never won a championship. True. But he is 25. Yeah, Kobe won his first in 2000, at 21. Shaq got his the same year, at 28. Sure even D-Wade (who I have to say is not even close in the who is the best player in the league argument anymore, Sorry #3) got one before him, but that was with a pretty good second banana Shaq. Now LeBron has his Shaq season. This could be his first title. But will having 1 title officially show that he is the best in the league? It won’t be enough for the LeBron Haters, whose inevitable response to LBJ’s first Ring will be “Whatever, call me when he has 4 like Kobe”. And to those people I say: shut the heck up. If you look at his skill set, athleticism and pure love of the game, it easily (in my own humble opinion) makes him the best player in the league. At this juncture in time it’s not even close, Kobe is on the decline (you don’t have to admit it but he isn’t as scary as he used to be. Thats not to say he isn’t still #2 in the league or that he isn’t amazing and isn’t a future HOF player, because he is all of those things). But for right now, the 2009-2010 season (and the 08-09 season) LeBron is the best thing the NBA has to offer. Sure in a few years will Durant be right there with him, possibly. Could Melo really prove himself and set up a Jordan/Malone-esque rivalry (I will not even try to say that anyone could get a Bird/Magic-esque rivalry going, it just won’t ever happen again). Who knows? Could James vs. Kobe be the theme of the NBA finals for the next 4 or 5 years? I hope so. That would just be the stuff of dreams. But the only thing we can say for certain is that LeBron is the most exciting and most popular guy to go see play. Just seeing him on TV is enough to send chills up your spine when he throws down on a fast break, or make your arm hair stick up when he jumps up and catches a shot against the backboard. He is the most exciting player to play basketball since Jordan. He has that undefinable “IT” factor (although, technically you can define it… oh well). When you see him play you know you are seeing something special happen. Something magical, almost. Even if you hate him you can tell that he has something that Kobe never had. He has the ability to score 40 but without monopolizing possessions, he can get 10 boards without missing a beat at the offensive end, he can get 10 assists but without hurting the offensive flow, he can close out games without hogging the ball. In short he can do everything guys have gotten into the HOF for doing 1 of, but he can do them all, all the time. And he does all of this while maintaining the best team chemistry I’ve seen on a team before, while keeping up that comfortable family atmosphere that the players thrive in, and he makes everyone on the court better. You can not convince me that if you took LeBron off this Cavs team every player wouldn’t be 5-10 (NBALive or NBA2K10 skill points) worse. Because it is the simple truth. If you put the same skill points idea to other great players in the league, no one else could change every other player that much. Kobe makes his teammates 3-4 better at most, Melo 2-3, D-Wade 2-3, Durant 1-2, KG 1-2, Chris Paul 2, and so on. The only player that makes his teammates even close to that (again, in my opinion) is Steve Nash. He is a 4-6 point change. Just because of his pure intensity and ability to make that one pass that changes every possession. A skill that LeBron has too, only he can do that while scoring like Kobe and rebounding like Dwight Howard (who does NOT make the list of the ten best NBA players right now, because all he is, is an athletic freak. If Dwight Howard was 40 pounds less muscular and an inch shorter he wouldn’t be a star, and if he couldn’t jump out of the gym he wouldn’t even be a D-Leaguer, thankfully he has all of those things so that makes him the best Center in the East).  I guess the point of this whole thing was that LeBron is the Best player and the most fun to watch guy in the NBA, even without a title.

Just for kicks I will give you all my list of the Top Ten NBA players (in terms of skill not necessarily statistically, and if you would like to disagree I would love to talk about it with you so leave a comment.)

1. LeBron James
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Tim Duncan
4.Kevin Durant
5. Carmelo Anthony
6. Dwayne Wade
7. Danny Granger
8. Brandon Roy
9. Chris Paul
10. Dirk Nowitzki

Enjoy the game tonight everyone! GO CAVS!

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