Sunday Evening Thoughts

After a brief absence from giving you all the sports things on my mind, this week I am right back into it.

1. As a Browns fan, who hates Braylon Edwards (always have), I don’t know whether I want the Jets to pull of a comeback and win so that he can be the main cause of the Jets Superbowl loss by dropping the Game Winner as time expires. Actually they wouldn’t throw to him in that situation, so lets hope no comeback. (at time of this thought it is 30-17 with 2:29 to go in the 4th).

2. I was very excited over Arsenals short lived moment atop the Premier League, but since we have a game in hand over Man Utd, it could very well be ours again soon!

3. I am not 100% on the reason but man, do I love Pierre Garcon.

4. Since one of my better friends is a Packers fan, I am going to be pulling for a Saints win, just so Favre can’t get a Superbowl for the Vikes. (You are welcome).

5. I can’t stand the dragging out of this whole contract issue with Josh Cribbs. Also, the Superbowl needs to hurry up and happen so that the offseason can start. I am ready to see what the Browns can do to improve for 2010-2011.

And the very best of luck to Indians 3B/IF coach Steve Smith on the Amazing Race, it may have already happened, but it hasn’t been televised so as far as I am concerned, it hasn’t happened yet. I hope he wins so that someone associated with Cleveland can win something…

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