Browns Drafting Possibilities, Round 3

We have covered in the last week or so, the possible draft picks for the Browns in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Not many people have been agreeing with our “selections” but, this is just opinion and I think Rolando McClain at #7 and Taylor Mays in the 2nd round is getting 2 players at positions that we need guys who can make an impact, and both guys are going to be good pro’s, if not pro bowl caliber guys. Looking to the 3rd round and later, mock draft information and all of those kind of things kind of go right out the window for people in our position and one would assume, the Browns drafting methods will now switch more to the best player available method, with a heavy dose of secondary and offensive and defensive line help. The Browns also need to keep their eyes out for a play-making tight end or receiver at a lower spot in the draft, as well as bulk on both sides of the line, primarily the right side of the O-line and the defensive end position. With 9 more picks to use, there is limitless possibilities for drafting in 2010. Looking at the possibilities for the Browns in the 3rd round…

The Browns pick at #7 in the 3rd round, and again at #28, a pick they received for trading Sir Drops a Lot. With that first pick, the 71st in the draft, here are a few names the Browns should entertain.

CB, Patrick Robinson – Florida State

Robinson is a very intriguing option for the Browns if he is still on the board here. He is predicted to go late 2nd round, early 3rd round. He was Florida States best defensive player the past few years and he will be a very good Corner in the league. He would give the Browns some immediate help in the secondary, able to step in at either the Nickel or Dime or if he does good, he can be the #2 CB. He is a better tackler then McDonald and even Eric Wright, but he might not be as good on coverage as Wright. He is 5’11” and 19o pounds, about average size for CB’s, on the bigger end, and has really good speed and good recovery speed. Many mocks and the CBS Draft, player ranker, has him as the 3rd best CB in the draft and predicts him to go in the 1st or 2nd round. He would be a great pick, but I doubt he will be on the board at this point.

DE/OLB, Thaddeus Gibson – Ohio State

Dustin sure would love this pick, he is a Gibson groupie. He is a really great, high motor guy, with great ability to both get after the QB and play the run. He is 6’2″ and 240 pounds and is athletic enough to stand up and play as an edge rusher. I haven’t found anything anywhere discussing his coverage ability and can’t suggest that if the team drafted him that they change his position, a la David Veikune, since we all know how that worked out last year. I think if the team takes Gibson here then they should keep him as a defensive end, even though he is listed everywhere as an outside linebacker. It might make sense for him to switch, since he might be a little undersized to play up front in the NFL, but he was dominant as a Buckeye at the end position. There are better options in the draft at both positions, but he is one of the best available at this point, drafting him here might be a stretch, the team could probably wait until the #92 overall pick, the #28th in 3rd. He is listed on as the 11th best OLB in the draft, never having really played there.

CB, Perrish Cox – Oklahoma State

Here is a guy that will, I think, be available at this point in the 3rd that would fit all the needs of this team in the secondary, and he wouldn’t be a stretch at this pick, and I think he is a pretty safe pick. He might not be THE BEST player available, but he will be the best player at his position available unless Patrick Robinson is not picked. He is 5’11 and 190 pounds, like Robinson, and runs a 4.44 40 yard dash. He is quick, good in coverage and plays physical. He is a good bump and run corner and can put receivers of f their games. Ranked as the 7th best CB in this years class.

WR, Dezmon Briscoe – Kansas

6’3″ and 200 pounds with good hands. He’s not the fastest runner on the field, but he has good size and plus hands. Ranked as the 10th best receiver in the draft, and projected to go in the late 2nd or early 3rd rounds. He has good, crisp, route running abilities and does a good job of getting open. He put up good numbers in college for Kansas, he was essentially their only threat on offense and could beat double coverages. He set every school receiving record except for receptions, is good at shedding tackles and can block better then most receivers at this point in their careers. He would be a solid pick up, and its about time in the draft to look at drafting an offensive weapon or 2.

With this pick, #71 overall, I see Perrish Cox as being the perfect fit for the team. Cox can get after guys in coverage, one on one situations, doesn’t miss a lot of tackles and can play zone well. He is no Joe Haden, but if the team goes a different direction in the first round I see them coming after Cox here in the 3rd.

As for that 2nd 3rd round pick, the #28 in the round, the 92nd overall..

Thaddeus Gibson – might still be an option here, if he is still on the board I think the Browns draft him.

ILB, Sean Lee – Penn State

The 4th best Inside Linebacker in the draft, if the Browns take Rolando McClain in the 1st, then they will pass on Lee here. If not, I think he is a good pick for the team. A stud in his career at Penn State, a Linebacker producing school if there ever was one. Lee is big, strong, fast and has a great football knowledge. He is the kind of hard working defensive player the team needs, and the management covets. Not the most likely of picks for the team, unless they do not go with McClain early.

OT, Rodger Saffold – Indiana

The kind of bulk the team needs on the O-line. He would fit in nicely at the Right Tackle position, 6’5” and 306 pounds. He can open up holes on the right side for this team for a long time and provide Quinn, or whoever is the QB, with better protection on the right side. He is the kind of blocker you want on your line, and has been known to shut down big time pass rushing prospects like Greg Hardy and Thaddeus Gibson. It has been talked about that a move inside to the Guard position might suit him best, but in the East-West game he was dominant at the Tackle spot. He can get to the 2nd level and make blocks, he doesn’t take plays off, like some people on the Browns O-line last year. He is pretty quick for a big guy, has good footwork and strong arms. His stock is rising and the Browns shouldn’t pass up on him if they get the chance to take him here.

TE, Ed Dickson – Oregon

A big, pass catching Tight End, with pretty good speed at the position. I liken him to Kellen Winslow, just without the personality flaws. 6’4” and 244 pounds and could potentially run the 40 in under 4.6. We saw him when Oregon got severely outplayed by the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl, and he did not let anyone down. He did a very good job of getting open and also blocking for the running game. He is big and strong, and quick for his size. He could be a decent pick up for a team that needs some help in the form of pass catching weapon on offense, since the majority of TE’s on the roster focus on blocking, and Steve Heiden can never stay healthy. I would not be surprised if the team picks up Dickson here.

DE/OLB, Eric Norwood – South Carolina

One of the best at getting at the QB in this draft class. He will most likely make the switch to the stand up pass rushing linebacker position in a 3-4 or possibly stay at the End if he gets put into a 4-3 scheme. He is a great talent, and is predicted by some to be taken by the Browns here, however, ranked as the 7th best OLB in the draft and overall as the 87th best in the whole field, he might not be on the board here. The Browns might miss him by a few slots, unless they maybe trade up to get him. He is a dynamic play maker on the edge, and he was the stud of a decent South Carolina team for the past few years. He is 6’1″ and 245 pounds, with speed that puts him around 4.6 in the forty. He could very well fall to the team here, but I do not see it happening. I think he could even be an end in the 3-4, and would be a young supplement to the team’s aging Defensive front of Robaire Smith, Kenyon Coleman and Corey Williams.

With this pick, I think the Browns go for the bulk on the O-line. Saffold is an interesting prospect and played as the starting Left Tackle at Indiana. We have the LT of the present and future in Joe Thomas, but he could move inside to play left or right Guard, or play the Right Tackle. He would be a huge improvement over St. Clair in both pass and running situations, he is one of the better pass blockers in the draft. He would be a big part of this offensive line and I would think that he would start as a rookie.

There it is, Round 3. We are predicting the Browns to take Perrish Cox to help the secondary and Rodger Saffold to shore up the right side of the O-line. We will be back in a few days with the Browns possibilities for the 4th round.

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