Thome is a Twin

Much like former Indians All-Star Omar Vizquel, Jim Thome is once again returning to the American League Central. It was announced today, January 26th that the Minnesota Twins have agreed to a 1 year deal with the Tribe’s former slugger. Thome wants one more shot to win the championship that has eluded him his entire career after his run with the Dodgers was cut short last season with the playoff loss. The Tribe will see him a handful of times this season as the he is the Twins new DH.

Thome signed a 1 year contract worth about $1.5 million deal, to be in all reality the backup to stud offensive DH Jason Kubel who is emerging as a middle of the order force for the Twins. This signing is definitely a surprise, on the same day that Ozzie Guillen came out to the public and said that Thome would not be asked to rejoin the White Sox. The Twisn must have thought that the division rival’s loss was their gain as they bolstered their bench with another huge left handed bat. Thome has hit 57 of his career 564 against the Twins, so he gets a chance to make them feel a little better. I don’t think he will see too much playing time as he is limited to just playing DH, and they have Kubel and Justin Morneau in the lineup every day. Either way, he could hurt the Tribe a few times this year, and while I, like everyone, am bitter about the way he left Cleveland, I wish him all the best. But, the Twins need his help to get past the Indians this year. I am still a firm believer that we are not as far away from contending as it seems, and we might catch some people by surprise, the way we did in 2007, when the expectations were off a little and the team was free to just play. We will see… We will see.

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