Indians Talking to a Free Agent!?!?

The Indians are in the running to sign Gold Glover Orlando Hudson

I just came across a rumor on a few different sites about MLB free agency that really piqued my interest. On Baseball Tonight they were talking about Orlando Hudson, one of the better 2nd baseman in the Majors on both sides of the ball, he was apparently very close to a deal with the Nationals and still is, but he has a very high asking price and is quoted as saying that he thinks he is worth more then the teams think he is. The deal with the Nats was apparently going to be a 1 year deal worth about 9 million. But apparently there are more teams that are talking with the the O-Dawg, and apparently the Indians are one of those teams. This is a direct quote from Orlando Hudson himself from an interview he did on Tuesday: “I will sign soon enough. You can put it on the Internet and on TV. I’m going to sign. I can’t say exactly when. It will not be long. I can’t say if it’s with the Nationals, San Diego or Cleveland. I can’t say with whom. Something is getting done.”

The Nats are the front runners, and the Rays are interested if the price tag is low enough, and then there is the Tribe. Apparently the darkhorse to sign Hudson, this comes as a surprised given the somewhat surprising breakout of Luis Valbuena last season. Hudson would give the Indians a more adapt hitter at 2nd base and possibly a leadoff hitter of new Manager Manny Acta wanted to move Sizemore out of that spot in the lineup. But a signing like this would give the Tribe more flexibility up the middle and be able to use Valbuena in the utility role where he would provide better defense and better offense then any of the other options at the utility position while Hudson could start, and he is a proven commodity on both offense and defense.

Now I am not saying that the Indians are close to signing Hudson, because we all know that the team doesn’t have enough money to offer him the $9 million a year that he is rumored as to be looking for, but if talks with the Nats fall through, the Indians could very well be a player for his services. It is definitely a development to keep an eye on. As for now, enjoy some of these O-Dawg statistics that I drummed up for you…

In 2009 he batted .283 with 9 HR, 62 RBI, 74 Runs and 8 SB for the Dodgers in 149 games.

For his career he is a .282 hitter, the most errors he has made in a season is 13, which was in 157 games for the Diamondbacks in 2006, and had a fielding percentage that year .984. A career fielding percentage, a very good, .986. His career On Base Percentage is .348, has 2 all star game appearances and has won 4 gold gloves, his most recent was this past year playing in LA. The only real knock against him is that he strikes out a little too much and doesn’t walk enough for a guy who bats at the top of the order and plays 2nd base, but he would fit in well with the Tribe if they could manage to sign him. We will keep you posted.

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