Cavs Quarterly Report: The Final Stretch

With just less than 1/4 of the NBA season remaining, its time we take a few minutes and reflect upon the happenings of the Cavs from this season, so far.

Of course everyone knows that the Cavs STOLE Antawn Jamison and Sebastian Telfair, easier than LeBron picking off a bad pass… or candy from a baby if you prefer. And his presence on the team has helped carry the Cavs through not having Z or Shaq for the time being. And has done a spectacular job (1st game is being omitted from this, obviously) fitting in and playing well.

The Cavs currently sit at 50-15, 15 games in front of 2nd place Milwaukee, and first team to 50 wins, and first team to secure an official spot in the post-season. With that in mind, lets look at our Cavaliers Team Leaders:

Points:       30.0 LeBron James
Assists:      8.5   LeBron James
Rebounds: 7.8  Anderson Varejao (Antawn Jamison has 7.6 since joining the Cavs and 8.6 for the season)
Blocks:       1.2   Shaquille O’Neal
Steals:        1.7    LeBron James

With LeBron getting 30-7-8.5 with 1 block and almost 2 steals per game how can the Cavs not have 50 wins? Even winning the last couple without him. Jamison has been a solid offensive producer since coming over, Hickson and Andy have continued their solid play, Delonte is a blessing off the bench, and before the injury Shaq was a solid producer. The only few things the Cavs need to fix before the playoffs begin are Mo needs to find his shot, and keep it. And as a team, there needs to be more consistency, LeBron is good for 30 a night, but the rest of the team has been up and down as a whole, if Delonte and Antawn are playing well, Hickson, Parker and Mo are off. If Andy and Mo have big nights Boobie and Delonte struggle. If the Cavs can just get some form of consistency from the supporting cast the team will be invincible. But shooting 40% from 3 and getting 22 assists a night is pretty darn good for any team. One big thing for the Cavs will be Shaq. Can he really be back when he says he can? Will he be effective? Can he play good D on Howard with a banged up hand? We certainly hope so. Even if not, with the number of big guys on the team to throw at him will we need him for more than 25 or so a game? Powe, Jamison, Z, Hickson, Andy, Shaq and LeBron can all handle him for a few minutes at least. All they have to do is try to keep him more than 10 feet out and put a hand in his face, it can’t be THAT hard can it…. Oh, wait… It is THAT hard. But as long as we can keep Dwight away from the basket he is containable. Zach seems to think that JJ can handle him for the bulk of a game if Shaq is out/foul trouble etc. I am not so sure about that. JJ is only 6’9″ and I don’t feel he is thick enough to bang down low with a guy like Dwight. But I hate this endless speculating so I am done with this issue for now.

The only other thing to address here is that, yes the number change might be a big money-making ploy, but does it really matter? No. Although it is a sign that he is leaving open the option of returning to Cleveland next season, and also I really want to know what Adrian Woj… Wojarn… The guy who writes for Yahoo!Sports that hates LeBron, cares about LeBrons number change? He just wanted to change it, it doesn’t matter if you think his reasoning is stupid, its his choice. And yes I really am going to buy that #6 next year. To go along with my 2 23’s and my Boobie Gibson jersey.

Long live the Cavs!

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