Brady go Bye-Bye! Who cares?

Brady Quinn will be holding a clipboard in Denver in 2010...

So Brady Quinn has been shipped out of town, he’s now in the Mile High City as yet another QB trying to fill the shoes of John Elway. Big Deal. Good for him, high expectations that he will yet again fail to thrive under. When I first heard the news today and saw it on WFNY, I was a little bit shocked, despite Mike Holmgren and Eric Mangini’s in-ability to get behind him at all. The signing of Jake Delhomme is not the kind of QB that will blow you away week in and week out, but he has done a lot of good in his career. At this point, his age 35, and injuries are taking their toll on him and he may not be nearly as good as he once was, but he gives the Browns a better chance to win with what they have right now as he has more of an ability to create plays and find open receivers downfield. So for the Hometown Boy Brady Quinn what did the Browns get? A fullback/halfback combo player Peyton Hillis. One of the few white running backs in the league, who was a saving grace for the Broncos in 2008, but was forgotten and not used much in 2009. The Browns also received a 6th round pick in 2011 and a conditional 2012 pick.

What does this trade mean for Lawrence Vickers? This is unclear for now, but I really hope that it does not mean that the team does not intend on bringing the Restricted Free Agent Fullback back to town. What Hillis does provide for the Browns is a big back, power, compliment to the speedy Jerome Harrison that the team could use since Jamal Lewis, the king of the 1 yard gain, is no longer in Orange and Brown. I really can’t say whether or not this is a good trade or not, but I think it is one the team had to make, just to clear away some more money as well as to give Quinn a chance some where that he might find more support from the front office and manager, and with a system that suits his skill set more.

The real news of the day for us here at the Lake Erie Soldiers was the Browns surprising trade of Kamerion Wimbley. The outside linebacker and expert pass rusher was traded to the Oakland Raiders for undisclosed Draft Pick compensation which is speculated to be a 3rd round pick in next year’s Draft. Wimbley, in 2009, looked as if he was starting to become the pass rush threat that the team expected after his monstrous rookie season, but it appears that he did not fit into the new Brain Trust’s plans as the former 1st round pick will now be playing his games in Black and Silver.

This is a move that both frustrates me and saddens me, Wimbley was one of my favorite players on the team and it is sad to see him go, I just hope that him (Quinn as well) does not really blossom and find his potential in their new jerseys. Again it is obviously too early to tell whether or not the trade was worth it, since we don’t know what the pick is or who it will bring in, but I think that this one will come back to haunt the team in some way. This creates a gap at linebacker that the team does not have the personnel at the moment to fill, and it was trading a strong player from an area of weakness, which makes no sense to me. But then again, I am just someone who cheers for the team and types at a computer, so I can’t claim to understand the thinking behind the move, neither do I know what the team has planned for the rest of the Free Agency Period or the Draft.

So 2 parts of the Browns are now elsewhere, one that was an obvious move and the other was a very bad surprise. But things are not all bad in Cleveland with the recent signing of TE Ben Watson that gives the team a much more dynamic threat at that position as well as veteran QB who can help the young team now and hold the spot for the future. What today’s moves tell me is that the Browns are possibly considering a QB in this year’s Draft, maybe a Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy, to bring in and learn from the veteran Delhomme for 2 years before being handed the reigns. Only time will tell.

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