NBA Regular Season Awards

With just one more day of NBA Regular Season Basketball remaining, it is time for me, to give out the awards to the very best in the NBA, and also make up some awards to give out.
First lets start out with the real Awards, this is who I feel deserves each award followed by who I think will win.

NBA Most Valuable Player:

My MVP: LeBron James (CLE), averages 30-8-8 and leads his team to the best record in the NBA. Obvious MVP.
Real MVP: LeBron James (CLE), for all the reasons I just said.

NBA Rookie Of The Year:

My ROY:Brandon Jennings (MIL), he was thought to be such a gamble, but boy did he pay off this year for the Bucks, very talented and he and Bogut are an excellent core.
Real ROY: Tyreke Evans (SAC), he was the obvious selection, best statistical season and to steal a phrase “He is who we thought he was!”. There were 3 very talents rookie PG’s, and the people with votes are gonna take Evans, but between Evans, Jennings and Curry, there was no wrong choice.

NBA Defensive Player Of The Year:

My DPOY: Dwight Howard (ORL), he is the best defensive player in the NBA, he blocks and alters almost any shot within 15 feet of the rim
Real DPOY: Dwight Howard (ORL), this one will not be close, the media loves Dwight Howard. LeBron will get votes, Wade will get a few and Josh Smith will too. But its Howards’ award.

NBA 6th Man Of The Year:

My 6MOY: Anderson Varejao (CLE), he has been more effective off the bench than anyone else I can think of, but I MIGHT be a LITTLE biased.
Real 6MOY: Jamal Crawford (ATL), very deserving and has been great off the bench for the 3-Seed in the East, and has done a good job as a closer all year. Plus, unless you are a Cavs fan, you hate Andy V.

NBA Coach Of The Year:

My COTY: Scott Brooks (OKC) lead a very young team to the 8th seed out West as well as 50 Wins, he certainly deserves it.
Real COTY: Scott Brooks (OKC) has also done a great job of getting the most out of Westbrook, Harden, Maynor, Ibaka, and everyone not named Kevin Durant, and made them all look like stars alongside him.

NBA Most Improved Player Award:

It is impossible to tell who the will win this award, so I am not going to put a definitive guess for who the real winner will be but I will tell you it should be between Andray Blatche (WAS), Aaron Brooks (HOU), Chris Kaman (LAC) and Al Horford (ATL). My Pick? Al Horford.

And now my picks for…

PG: Deron Williams (UTA)
SG: Kobe Bryant (LAL)
SF: LeBron James (CLE)
PF: Chris Bosh (TOR)
C: Dwight Howard (ORL)

PG: Rajon Rondo (BOS)
SG: Dwayne Wade (MIA)
SF: LeBron James (CLE)
PF: Josh Smith (ATL)
C: Dwight Howard (ORL)

PG: Tyreke Evans (SAC)
SG: James Harden (OKC)
SF: Omri Casspi (SAC)
PF: Taj Gibson (CHI)
C:  Dajaun Blair (SA)

This next section are my completely made up awards,  CMU’s? I don’t have a name for them, but here we go:

1st off, The ALL NBA BENCH TEAM, composed of the best bench players at each position in the NBA:
PG: Eric Maynor (OKC) — This would go to Darren Collison, but he started almost 40 games this year.
SG: Manu Ginobili (SA)
SF: Jamal Crawford (ATL)
PF: Paul Millsap (UTA)
C: Anderson Varejao (CLE)

And now for my made up Individual Awards:

The Biggest Flop Award: Rasheed Wallace (BOS). Runner Up: Hedo Turkoglu (TOR). This award goes to the worst FA signing of the year.

The “Back Two Spaces” Award: Hedo Turkoglu (TOR). This award goes to the player who had the biggest step backwards from one year to the next.

The NBA MOP: Dwight Howard (ORL). Runner Up: Kobe Bryant (LAL). MOP, stands for Most Overrated Player, and goes to the player who is given too much credit for what he does. Sidenote: Overrated, does not mean “bad” it means, not as good as everyone says, they are both great, but not as good as people say.

Most Over Paid Player:
Hedo Turkoglu (TOR). Runner Up: Shaquille O’Neal (CLE). This goes to the player who is (obviously) grossly overpaid for their production.

Most Over Paid Position for One Team:
PF, Utah Jazz. Carlos Boozer and Paul Millsap. 22.9 Million dollars made this year between them, and 30 ppg and 17 rpg between them.

Fading Star Performance Of The Year:
Steve Nash (PHO). Runner Up: Tim Duncan (SA). Given to the aging star who had the best year.

Rising Star Performance Of The Year:
Kevin Durant (OKC) Runner Up: Al Horford (ATL). Given to the young up-and-comer who had the biggest season.
And now for the Team Awards:
Worst Tanker: West: New Orleans Hornets. East: New Jersey Nets.
Worst Team: West: Minnesota Timberwolves. East: New Jersey Nets.
Biggest Surprise: West: Portland Trailblazers. East: Charlotte Bobcats.
Best Team: West: Los Angeles Lakers. East: Cleveland Cavaliers.
Most Overrated: West: Los Angeles Lakers. East: The Boston Celtics.
Most Underrated: West: Every playoff team in the West except OKC and the Lakers. East: Atlanta Hawks

Well there you go. Some end of the year awards given out to the best and the worst of the NBA season. Stay tuned later this week we will have a Playoff picture prediction competition between myself and Zach.

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