NBA Free Agency

With Bosh, Wade, Johnson, Stoudemire all not playing in Cleveland next year. I think it’s time to take a look at some of the players who could.

Now, according to my knowledge on the subject of NBA salary cap and the Cavs roster. Without LeBron, we are paying 49 Million in salaries this season. And the salary cap (from what I read) is 56 for the 2010-2011 season. So without any trades or anything we have roughly 7 million to use on new players.
Without LBJ on the roster our team has:

PG: Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson, Sebastian Telfair, Delonte West.
SG: Anthony Parker.
SF: Jamario Moon, Jawad Williams*, Danny Green.
PF: Antawn Jamison, Leon Powe, JJ Hickson.
C: Anderson Varejao.
*Jawad Williams has a Qualifying Offer worth roughly 1 million from the Cavs.

So, for the purposes of this article, we are going to play this as we have 7 million to work with or atleast the 5 million MLE to use. Lets look at what viable options the Cavs have in Free Agency.

Allen Iverson, willing to play any amount to help (supposedly) and most likely willing to play for less than 5 million.
Nate Robinson, has a solid skill set, and could be a good PG option. Plus Bostons not going to try to resign him.
On a budget/backup options: Rafer Alston, Luke Ridnour, Jamaal Tinsley Flip Murray.

Randy Foye, would really help the Cavs improve at SG and again, would definitely sign for under 5 million.
JJ Redick, 2 reasons for him, good shooter, and would hurt the Magic. One huge drawback, hes going to want more money than hes worth.
Shannon Brown, wouldn’t it be nice to get him back? Might have to overpay for him though.
Ray Allen, old, can still shoot, would bring some good experience to the team, and would help a few guys develop.
On a budget/backup options: Luther Head, Wesley Matthews, Roger Mason, Jerry Stackhouse, Michael Finley.

Matt Barnes, one of only 2 real SF options if you want to bring in a starter, the other…
Al Harrington.
On a budget/backup options: Jonathan Bender, Kyle Korver.

Tyrus Thomas, can play PF/C and is young and athletic. Might be just out of the Cavs budget.
Jermaine O’Neal, getting older and knows he needs to take less money so he may fall just into the Cavs price range. Also, just lost his starting spot to Bosh.
Luis Scola, could be willing to move to the Cavs if Houston doesn’t want to keep him.
Udonis Haslem, another guy, getting older and might be willing to take less, if he wants to get away from Miami.
On a budget/backup options: Sean May, Josh Powell, Joe Smith, Juwan Howard, Ike Diogu.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas, it would be most wonderful if we could keep Big Z on our team for atleast 1 or 2 more years.
Brendan Haywood, he would be a solid guy to use as a 1-2 punch with Andy V.
On a budget/backup options: Nathan Jawai, Brad Miller, Jamaal Magloire.

Although, we should hope that we have only a MLE to use this offseason, which we might use for a C, but we really don’t need to spend that money. I guess all this stuff will get rolling tomorrow after LeBrons hour long ESPN Special.

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