Indians fall flat – Andy Marte the closer…

Evidently the entire Indians roster forgot how to play baseball in the last 2 games of the 4 game set against the damn New York Yankees. It really ws not hat I expected the Tribe to sweep the series against the Yanks, but after how well the team played the first two games, I didn’t expect the series to end this way. The team was riding high after the brilliant debut of Josh Tomlin on Tuesday night, but things turned south quickly as Fausto Carmona took the mound Wednesday night.

Carmona was the lone all-star representative in this dismal season for the Indians but he had been appearing to be coming ever closer to his 2007 form. Not on that night, the Yankees were all over him, and the offense made no strides against the Yankees pitching. Thursday night was not any better for the Wahoos. Just as Carmona the night before, Mitch Talbot came out with very little going for him, before exiting the game after 2 innings with a back strain. He will be staying in Cleveland to be examined as the team jets off to Toronto to face the homer-hitting Blue Jays.

Raffy Perez was the only guy who looked any good last night, thrust into the game in the 3rd inning, but after he left it got worse. 12 walks were issued by the Indians as the Yankees pounded out 11 runs. The Indians offense couldn’t get runners past 1st base, if they got on base at all…

Andy Marte had to pitch the top of the 9th. Yep. It was that bad. The overtaxed bullpen was running thin due to back to back long nights and Manny Acta was forced to put Andy Marte in for an inning. Acta admitted it was not a move he enjoyed making as he thinks position players pitching is a mockery of the game and an insult to the fans. Marte was able to get a strike out in his perfect inning of work, maybe he has a future in the MLB after all?! He topped out at 88 MPH without the use of a windup, so maybe after some coaching he could make a living at it! All joking aside, it is a new low to the Indians season, but at least it didn’t lead to the team losing by any more runs.

Matt LaPorta was able to drive in a run on a single in the bottom of the last frame and scored later on a wild pitch to bring the Tribe to their final tally of 4 runs. 11 – 4 was the score as Andy Marte made a great debut on the mound, sadly that statement is not a joke. The Indians head to Canada for the weekend, hopefully the pitching staff and offense can do a bit better. Maybe the curse of Jhonny Peralta has already begun as the team is winless since his trade?

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