Roster Moves A-Plenty

Kerry Wood is expected to be back with the team this week

Mitch Talbot’s back strain is sending him to the 15 day disabled list. Which really is no surprise, however, it might affect how the remainder of his rookie season plays out. His placement on the DL sparked several other roster moves today. The Indians have called up everyone’s favorite (hahaha) reliever Jensen Lewis. Jess Todd’s short lived stay with the Indians comes to a swift end as he makes the reverse journey to Columbus where he was putting together a solid season. Replacing him in the bullpen for at least a day, is journeyman reliever Justin Germano, who will also fill Talbot’s spot on the 40 man roster until Kerry Wood is activated. Germano will serve as an extra arm in the ‘pen until the return of Wood, wo is recovering from a blister on his throwing hand. Wood is expected to be activated Saturday, making Germano a one night rental, unless the Indians have something else in store for Wood. There is however, no rumors or news on that front.

Also, in the past few days, the Indians have seen the somewhat sad, but highly anticipated departure of the struggling Jhonny Peralta. I always like Peralta, but his time in Cleveland was clearly running out and Mark Shapiro was able to send him to the Detroit Tigers for young left handed pitcher Giovanni Soto, who at 19 years old was an all star in class A this season. Surprising is the fact that the Indians were able to get a somewhat exciting young prospect for the always befuddled at the plate Peralta. Only time will tell if this deal is a big-winner for the Tribe, all it really is doing for now is saving the Indians some cash for next year. Luis Valbuena was recalled from AAA to replace Peralta on the roster. The Indians now have an even bigger hole there until the team calls up Jared Goedart from Columbus. Until then we are stuck with the awkward combo of Andy “Pitcher” Marte and Jayson “Babe” Nix.

With the move of Todd back down to AAA and Lewis and Germano coming up, the Indians at least get a pair of fresh arms for the weekend as the bullpen has been overworked the past few days. However, unless Justin Masterson does his best Carmona from Wednesday impression, the bullpen should be saved by his 6 or 7 innings tonight, which has been pretty much the norm for him lately.

Jake Westbrook has been mentioned in recent trade rumors

Looking forward to the next 24+ hours, the Indians can probably expect a few more roster moves to occur. Buster Olney tweeted earlier today that he has ‘heard’ (Buster_ESPN is his twitter feed) that the Indians have been receiving a lot more interest and phone calls about the availability and asking price for Jake Westbrook, and also Fausto Carmona but the likelihood of a Carmona deal is apparently 1 in a million. Buster is ‘hearing’ ( I put that in ‘ ‘ because he works for ESPN) that the St. Louis Cardinals are a possible fit for Westbrook which would not be a bad thing as they have several good prospects they could offer the Indians. The Cards have a really good 1B/OF prospect stuck behind Albert Pujols named Allen Craig, who could fit in on the team as a young right handed slugger to take at bats from Travis Hafner. Westbrook would really fit with just about any contender, he always has been a great #3/4/5 starter, as he can usually limit damage and keep the team in the game. Not much else has been reported on any trade talks, but it will be interesting to see what the Indians ask for and get for Jake. Kerry Wood is the piece the team and fans really want to see moved, but with him not yet off the DL it is very unlikely he is gone, until August some time. As far as it has been reported, the trade buzz around Austin Kearns is very cold, so do not expect to see him moved at all, if he is it will be in August as well. Although, working in the favor of Kearns being shipped out of town is the recent injury to Marlin’s Chris Coghlan that has taken outfielder Cody Ross off of the market. Say tuned folks.

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