Cavs Opener to be against the… Heat?

Rumor has it that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be opening their 2010-2011 NBA season, against the Miami Heat. Now if you don’t know why that is a big deal, you really must have been living in a cave for the past month or so. LeBron James, our once hero and savior skipped town in the most classless and embarrassing fashion that any player has left any place in professional sports history. He took his talents to South Beach.

LeBron James

This opening game, or at least the rumor of it must be perpetrated by the same people responsible for “The Decision”, because this is equally as ludicrous. The NBA is proving once again that all it cares about is the business aspect of basketball. Because people will go, mostly to boo but will turn out none the less, people will watch, and the NBA will profit handsomely from this. And its pretty sickening. LeBron leaving, Z leaving and the team overall in rebuilding mode (granted rebuilding in the east is still good for a shot at an 8-seed), and we have to open our season playing against a fan favorite for over a decade, making his debut on a new team, as well as having to be the first team to see LeBron James in his new #6 for the Heat.

This is a completely classless move from the NBA schedule makers, putting a team and a fanbase that is already hurt and reeling from losing our best player (James) and our favorite player (Z), and now you put us in front of them the first game of the season? That is ridiculous. The only possible way for this to end up being okay, if it does in fact happen, is if LeBron does the right thing. Not play.I’d rather not see the ugliness that will come from our stands for LeBrons return. Not that I am opposed to seeing LeBron heckled and booed, but I’ve had about enough of national media figures protecting LeBron and demonizing, our owner and our fanbase for our reaction to this whole thing. I’d rather not hear it for 2 weeks after the NBA opener every time I read something about the NBA or watch ESPN. They don’t understand because they don’t have the kind of connection to a team that we do. They only see the business side of the deal and don’t understand the personal aspect. But that is too much to ask for from ESPN or anyone that hasn’t been affected by this type of thing in the past.

Overall, I guess our best move is to hope this doesn’t happen, and hold our breath for a week or so until the schedules come out for real.

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2 Responses to Cavs Opener to be against the… Heat?

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  2. cheneetot08 says:

    If this does happen I’m pretty sure it will cause an up steer. And if it does it would seem like adding insult to injury.

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